PPC Trends to Watch for in 2020

PPC Trends to Watch for in 2020 - Sachs Marketing Group

There are several PPC trends to watch for in 2020. PPC trends focus on automation and machine learning for improved ad performance and efficiency. Voice search optimization becomes crucial as voice-activated device usage rises. Audience targeting is refined, prioritizing user intent over keywords. Video ads gain prominence across platforms. Visual search evolves, offering new advertising … Read more

Google Breaks Silence: Top 3 SEO Factors

Google Breaks Silence: Top 3 SEO Factors - Sachs Marketing Group

Google Webmasters has started a new video series designed to dispel SEO myths – called SEO Mythbusting. The first episode debuted May 15th, and in it, Martin Splitt, one of Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst speaks with his guest about how search engines work. As part of the discussion, he discusses how Google chooses relevant pages … Read more

Why Invest in Both Paid Search and SEO

Why Invest in Both Paid Search and SEO - Sachs Marketing Group

If you’re not working in the digital marketing space, it’s easy to see why you may believe investing in pay per click, or PPC, paid search campaigns could serve you better than investing in search engine optimization, or SEO efforts. The truth is, they both serve their purpose in marketing your business, and the best … Read more

‘Tis the Season to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns for the Holidays

PPC and the Holidays: Are You Ready to Rock the Season? - Sachs Marketing Group

To optimize PPC campaigns for the holidays, use holiday-specific keywords and create festive ad copy. Tailoring landing pages to holiday themes can improve conversion rates. Adjusting bids for high-competition periods and targeting holiday-specific shopping behaviors are crucial. Utilizing remarketing strategies and promoting holiday deals or exclusive offers can also maximize campaign effectiveness. The holiday season … Read more

Hiring a PPC Specialist? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Hiring a PPC Specialist? - Sachs Marketing Group

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be incredibly lucrative, both for making money outright and in line with a sales or remarketing campaign. But it can also be a pretty high-risk strategy, especially if you don’t fully understand how fast competition can change and what influences your success over time. That’s exactly what drives many entrepreneurs … Read more

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