Microsoft Partners with Shopify

Microsoft announced a partnership with Shopify in late October, stating that they are “always looking for ways to help connect brands with consumers”. This new partnership comes in the form of simplified integration for Shopify merchants with Microsoft Search Network, Microsoft Audience Network, and a number of other Microsoft products. The adoption of Shopify as … Continued

Core Web Vitals: WordPress, Drupal, Duda or Wix?

The results are in! For at least one kind of race, that is. Content management systems, or CMSs, play a vital role in making it easier and easier for companies and individuals to develop compelling, responsive, and easily navigable websites on the Internet. We’ve made leaps and bounds in website design and convention since the … Continued

Google Introduces New “Deals” Feature

Google is updating some of its ecommerce features through a new feature: the Deals feed. The Deals feed is a new feed added to the Shopping tab on Google search results, categorizing items related to the search query with promotions, sales, price drops, and other running promos. Finding the Right Deal As part of a … Continued

Facebook Rebrands: Tech Giant Is Now “Meta”

When Facebook first launched in 2004, no one had any idea of the scope it would have just a decade later, or the way it would participate in a societal shift towards digital platforms and new social technologies. In an effort to preempt future technologies this time, and build on the impact of the platform, … Continued

Sachs Marketing Group Was Robbed

What Happened Actually, we were burglarized – give us a call if you would like a detailed explanation of the difference between the two crimes. Someone broke into our Westlake Village office.  It happened on October 6th at 2:04 am PST.  The bad guy smashed our front, glass door and crawled through a small hole … Continued

Facebook Launches New Tools for Businesses

It’s an exciting time for business owners on Facebook. If your boutique or brand has taken off at least partially due to your Facebook page, then you may have noticed that there’s a lot to benefit from in Facebook’s ability to foster customer interactions and provide a place for constant and immediate feedback, especially for … Continued

New Privacy Tools Coming to Twitter

Twitter has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms for years now, as well as a massive driver for sales, culture, and even political discourse. But the nature of the platform – driving conversations solely through short, bite-sized takes – has drawn a lot of negative attention for the platform, while simultaneously making … Continued

How to Prevent Your Emails from Going to Spam

It’s been over 50 years since the beginning of what would become the digital mail, or email, and it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. One of the oldest pieces of digital infrastructure on the Internet, the email remains the tried-and-true way of sending and receiving both personal and commercial information. With that undying relevance … Continued

8 Tips on Creating High-Quality Content

What is the true key to creating high-quality content? Is it word count? Keyword density? Or, even, originality? The answer is no, no, and surprisingly, still no. High-quality content is many things, but most importantly, it’s incredibly difficult to quantify. Google generally promotes content on the basis of a few important factors that count towards … Continued

How To Get Verified on Facebook

There are a few key takeaways for this post, namely: Getting verified can help you distinguish yourself or your brand from the rest of the competition. Getting verified is crucial to combat fake accounts and impostors. The information you use to get verified needs to be up to date. Use as many of your other … Continued

Google Title Tag Changes: What You Need to Know

If you spend a lot of time tracking your webpages and search result rankings, you’re probably familiar with the ins and outs of search engine optimization. It’s complicated, to say the least – mostly because the rules of the game are changing constantly, and often, they’ll change without anyone even noticing for the first few … Continued

Best Practices for TikTok Ads

TikTok recently released some best practices for advertisers to make the most of their video campaigns on the app, which is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world, and saw exponential growth throughout 2020 and this year. If you haven’t invested in online video ads, TikTok might offer you some of … Continued

What Role Do Data Clean Rooms Play in a Privacy-Driven World?

We are no longer simply moving away from third-party cookies and targeted advertising – in many ways, we’ve already moved past it. As Google joined Mozilla and Apple in ending its support for third-party cookies in web browsers, the internet collectively reached a historical point in digital advertising and arrived at a post-third-party cookie world. … Continued

Google Integrates with GoDaddy

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be working on improved integration of ecommerce platforms into its Google Merchant Center, which allows users and companies to advertise and sell products via Google Search and the Google Shopping tab, and manage the way their inventory appears on Google. On July 13th, it extended that integration … Continued

Facebook iOS 14 Update: How Will It Affect Your Ads?

Facebook recently published an informative post warning marketers of certain upcoming changes to web and mobile ad campaigns as a result of Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework, which will prompt users to give explicit permission to apps that track them for advertising data. These changes, introduced with iOS 14, have required Facebook to respond and reassure businesses … Continued

Personalization: The Future of Content Marketing

Does your child spend the better part of their free time on YouTube? Have you ever seen someone spending more time watching streamers on Twitch than shows on Netflix? Do you have a TikTok account? If your question to any of these questions is yes, then you’re already aware of the macro-to-micro revolution in digital … Continued

Twitter Tests New E-Commerce Feature, Shop Module

After a harrowing 2020 and a rocky start to the new year, it seems everyone has read the tea leaves and collectively decided that if one thing took off in recent times, it’s online shopping. With targeted ads and other marketing techniques facing continuous criticism, alternative monetization is a serious consideration for the largest social … Continued

SEO Tools Are Evolving to Keep Up with Changes

The early days of search engine optimization were as simple as paying attention to your keyword use and gaming the “algorithm” as it existed at the time – and while things have gotten a lot more complicated since then, it does kind of work out to be the same thing it’s always been: trying to … Continued

Instagram Expands with Reels

If you were asked “what is Instagram?” and opened with the answer “it’s a photo sharing app”, you’d be forgiven for making a false assumption – or at least, one that the company is hoping to prove wrong in the near future. Opening with new features such as Instagram Shopping, and now the newly updated … Continued

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

News this week is being presented by more than yet another change to the algorithm – this time, Google is making marketing headlines with the development and release of a (sort of) brand new toolkit called Ads Creative Studio. The new toolkit is designed for both creative types and marketers, with the aim of helping … Continued

Facebook Launches 4 New Ecommerce Features

Facebook commerce, or F-commerce, has grown throughout the pandemic and has been a great boon to the company’s stock, even amid privacy concerns and Apple’s new policies affecting gathered user data. But that doesn’t mean the Facebook storefront feature is in trouble – instead, it’s pivoting towards rolling out features for businesses and products that … Continued

Updates To YouTube Analytics

Growing a successful channel on the world’s largest video platform is not an easy feat, and YouTube’s relatively limited analytics features haven’t made it any easier. Some channels seem to explode in popularity overnight, while others languish for years – even with consistent uploads. There are many unknown variables regarding how YouTube recommends and promotes … Continued

What is Google FLoC?

Whether you’ve heard of it via headlines in the news, releases by the EFF, or the viral sharing of AmIFLoCed, chances are you’ve heard about Google’s new FLoC initiative at some point this year. FLoC, or the Federated Learning of Cohorts, is part of Google’s larger privacy sandbox, and is an experimental replacement for third-party … Continued

Amazon Advertising Adds New Features

Are you making the most of Amazon’s advertising suite? Are you sure? Because amid global turmoil, a major stock market crash, and murder hornets, Amazon’s stock soared to record numbers on the way to 2021, and it has continued to update and evolve its advertising options in an effort to help brands capitalize on all … Continued

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