Google Ads Performance Max New Updates

Google has been making strides to position its Google Ads Performance Max campaigns as the next big thing, replacing Smart Shopping and Local ad campaigns later this year. This means advertisers will need to get comfortable with the relatively new Performance Max features, including the new updates Google plans to roll out throughout the rest … Continued

Facebook Algorithm 2022: How Does It Work?

Despite controversies, a massive branding change, and years of negative press, Facebook remains one of the strongest and most stalwart social platforms on the Internet and an invaluable source of potential leads and customers for businesses throughout the world. However, making the most out of Facebook means understanding the way it promotes content to its … Continued

How To Migrate WordPress Site to New Host

Web hosting is a critical service with a huge market, with variable offerings designed to provide a flexible selection to potential customers. However, as with most things, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. Some hosting companies offer a wider selection of perks and a greater level of service for the … Continued

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Content is going to be a crucial part of any digital marketer’s long-term plan. While it’s been over 20 years since Bill Gates asserted that Content is King, the statement rings true to today. Content, both the kind you create and the kind created about you, is what informs search engines on the quality and … Continued

How To Best Utilize Google’s Business Messaging

The opportunity to communicate with clients and customers on an individual level from across time zones is not unique to the age of the Internet, but it’s certainly never been as easy or convenient as it is today. Google’s Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) has allowed business owners to enable in-app messaging … Continued

Incorporating Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know a picture tells a thousand words, but infographics are even more efficient. The right graphic can convey an entire argument, turn potential leads into sure sales, and can reduce complex data points into actionable information in multiple different contexts, from product info to political activism. But infographics are still a relatively delicate … Continued

These YouTube Tools Will Boost Your Video Rankings

Video content is pulling more and more weight in the field of digital marketing, as it becomes easier than ever to post, host, and consume. Between the astronomical rise of TikTok and the success of YouTube Shorts, not to mention other popular forms of short-form video content, it’s become clearer over time that at least … Continued

Improve Your Content by Avoiding Overused Stock Photos

An unbroken block of text is plain user unfriendly. Good spacing, layout, and font choice can go a long way towards making text look better. But you need more to keep the eye interested, especially when trying to present content online. Statistics show that readers are 80 percent more likely to read your content when … Continued

How To Use Link Building to Improve SEO

Link building remains a cornerstone technique for improving your website’s SEO – provided you’re doing it right. Yet while most webmasters understand the importance of proper link building, too few know how to do it – and how to differentiate between a good link and a bad link (yes, there are appreciable differences, especially with … Continued

Meta Makes Changes to Facebook’s Ad Targeting

Starting January 19th, 2022, advertisers on Facebook are no longer be able to create new ad sets utilizing certain Detailed Targeting options, including: Health causes (e.g., “cancer awareness”, “obesity pandemic”, etc.) Sexual orientation (e.g., “LGBTQIA+”, “trans rights”, etc.) Race and ethnicity Religious groups (e.g., “Islam”, “Catholic Church”, “Hannukah”, etc.) Political beliefs (e.g., political movements, political … Continued

How To Use Instagram Carousels to Drive Engagement

Instagram carousels are not a new feature, and were first introduced to Instagram in 2017. So why bring them up now? They’ve regained relevance in 2022 because of engagement trends, signaling a change in how users on Instagram are behaving and consuming content. While the rule of online marketing is often that content is king, … Continued

6 Tips to Improve Google SEO Rankings in 2022

Nearly a third of people who look something up on Google click the first result first, and over two thirds choose among the first five. Only about 5 percent ever click on number six. Less than half a percent of searchers ever checks the second page. When you take the time to Google something, which … Continued

Yoast SEO App Will Soon Be on Shopify

Starting January 18, 2022, Yoast SEO will be integrated into the Shopify platform as an app. In short, this means retailers on Shopify will be able to utilize Yoast to improve the “findability and readability of your pages”. As per their blog post on the topic, Yoast SEO for Shopify: “outputs all the needed SEO … Continued

“New Normal” Holiday Shopping Trends

As the second year of the pandemic draws to a close, we’re unfortunately far from seeing the end of this era, which has brought with it a slew of new trends in global commerce. The “new normal” is becoming clearer every day as certain shopping trends that emerged in 2020 and 2021 show no signs … Continued

Content Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2022

As we’re ringing in the new year, it’s becoming clearer what 2022 will have in store for us. Content marketing is ever-changing, with new trends constantly emerging on the horizon, some closer than others. While we’re likely still years away from fully matured content marketing via AR and VR (through the likes of Instagram and Metaverse), … Continued

How To Improve Your Conversions

Choice is presented as a positive thing. Users dream of the freedom to make the choices they want, to shape the world around them, to customize and individualize. But there is such a thing as too much choice, and the paradoxical task of any designer or marketer when creating a page meant to sell to … Continued

Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

Alongside a number of other changes made this year, Google continues to revise and rebrand its toolkit for online businesses and internet retailers by changing Google My Business into the Google Business Profile. While little more than a name change on the surface, a deeper dive into the announcement reveals Google’s long-term plans for Google … Continued

Microsoft Partners with Shopify

Microsoft announced a partnership with Shopify in late October, stating that they are “always looking for ways to help connect brands with consumers”. This new partnership comes in the form of simplified integration for Shopify merchants with Microsoft Search Network, Microsoft Audience Network, and a number of other Microsoft products. The adoption of Shopify as … Continued

Core Web Vitals: WordPress, Drupal, Duda or Wix?

The results are in! For at least one kind of race, that is. Content management systems, or CMSs, play a vital role in making it easier and easier for companies and individuals to develop compelling, responsive, and easily navigable websites on the Internet. We’ve made leaps and bounds in website design and convention since the … Continued

Google Introduces New “Deals” Feature

Google is updating some of its ecommerce features through a new feature: the Deals feed. The Deals feed is a new feed added to the Shopping tab on Google search results, categorizing items related to the search query with promotions, sales, price drops, and other running promos. Finding the Right Deal As part of a … Continued

Facebook Rebrands: Tech Giant Is Now “Meta”

When Facebook first launched in 2004, no one had any idea of the scope it would have just a decade later, or the way it would participate in a societal shift towards digital platforms and new social technologies. In an effort to preempt future technologies this time, and build on the impact of the platform, … Continued

Sachs Marketing Group Was Robbed

What Happened Actually, we were burglarized – give us a call if you would like a detailed explanation of the difference between the two crimes. Someone broke into our Westlake Village office.  It happened on October 6th at 2:04 am PST.  The bad guy smashed our front, glass door and crawled through a small hole … Continued

Facebook Launches New Tools for Businesses

It’s an exciting time for business owners on Facebook. If your boutique or brand has taken off at least partially due to your Facebook page, then you may have noticed that there’s a lot to benefit from in Facebook’s ability to foster customer interactions and provide a place for constant and immediate feedback, especially for … Continued

New Privacy Tools Coming to Twitter

Twitter has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms for years now, as well as a massive driver for sales, culture, and even political discourse. But the nature of the platform – driving conversations solely through short, bite-sized takes – has drawn a lot of negative attention for the platform, while simultaneously making … Continued

How to Prevent Your Emails from Going to Spam

It’s been over 50 years since the beginning of what would become the digital mail, or email, and it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. One of the oldest pieces of digital infrastructure on the Internet, the email remains the tried-and-true way of sending and receiving both personal and commercial information. With that undying relevance … Continued

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