How To Use Link Building to Improve SEO

Link building remains a cornerstone technique for improving your website’s SEO – provided you’re doing it right. Yet while most webmasters understand the importance of proper link building, too few know how to do it – and how to differentiate between a good link and a bad link (yes, there are appreciable differences, especially with … Continued

6 Tips to Improve Google SEO Rankings in 2022

Nearly a third of people who look something up on Google click the first result first, and over two thirds choose among the first five. Only about 5 percent ever click on number six. Less than half a percent of searchers ever checks the second page. When you take the time to Google something, which … Continued

Yoast SEO App Will Soon Be on Shopify

Starting January 18, 2022, Yoast SEO will be integrated into the Shopify platform as an app. In short, this means retailers on Shopify will be able to utilize Yoast to improve the “findability and readability of your pages”. As per their blog post on the topic, Yoast SEO for Shopify: “outputs all the needed SEO … Continued

SEO Tools Are Evolving to Keep Up with Changes

The early days of search engine optimization were as simple as paying attention to your keyword use and gaming the “algorithm” as it existed at the time – and while things have gotten a lot more complicated since then, it does kind of work out to be the same thing it’s always been: trying to … Continued

8 Ways To Improve Rankings and Increase Traffic To Your Site

There are nearly two billion separate websites on the internet. Every awesome website added to the net today is the digital equivalent of a drop in the ocean. So how do you improve rankings and increase traffic to make your drop stand out? The answer still lies, as it always has, in taking advantage of … Continued

Google Page Experience Update Launches in May 2021

In just a few months, Google is set to launch its Page Experience update. The company first announced the update in May 2020, and first made the announcement in November. With four months left to prepare for it, what can we expect? The update will mean that the expected user experience is considered as part … Continued

Google Yourself: How to Rank for Your Name

Being able to rank well for your name in the SERPs is a crucial part of building your personal brand. When’s the last time you searched for your name on Google? Did you see something there that wasn’t true? Something that was about another person with a name similar to yours? What people see attached … Continued

Does Guest Posting Matter Anymore?

Many years ago, guest posting on another person’s website was considered part of a solid SEO strategy. Not only did it get you a link from another site, but it also exposed you to other audiences. If you guest posted on another site, that site got content they didn’t have to create – and if … Continued

8 SEO Considerations for a Smooth Transition

If it’s time to give your company a facelift but you don’t feel that re-designing the website itself is enough, rebranding may be the solution. But, with a domain change comes the potential loss of all the SEO you’ve worked hard to build for your current website. If you don’t want to start over from … Continued

Why Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions and How to Avoid It

Google’s John Mueller is a wonderful source of information, but staying up to date with his Webmaster Central Hangouts can be hard for many of us. In a recent episode, someone asked why their meta description was being re-written. His answer helps us see a bit of why Google’s algorithm may re-write your meta descriptions. … Continued

The Death of Google as We Know It

Now that Google’s parent company is Alphabet – and the search engine that started it all is just one of many products – small businesses and marketers have had to make some major adjustments to the way things are done. While SEO is targeted at helping people get clicks from search engines, the sad reality … Continued

Bing Announces Link Penalties: SEO is Changing

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** As marketers and SEOs, the industry tends to focus most of its attention on Google. It is after all the search engine with the … Continued

Google Site Kit 101

How many times have you been inside WordPress and had to go into another window to take a closer look at your Google analytics or search console data to create a plan of action for your website? Do you find yourself easily frustrated by the fact that you can’t just access the data you need … Continued

Google’s September 2019 Core Algorithm Update

We’re no stranger to Google core updates, and they seem to be happening on a quarterly basis these days. The last one we heard about was in June, but in September, Google pre-announced that a new core update was rolling out. In keeping with their promise to make things easier for SEOs and webmasters, this … Continued

Getting Organic Traffic That Isn’t From Google

If Google is your only traffic source, it can be wiped out in a matter of seconds as the result of any algorithmic change. As such, it could invalidate years of effort and SEO overnight. Maybe it’s not completely disastrous, but it is a huge risk for many businesses. Instead of relying solely on Google … Continued

Google’s Guide to Ranking Category Pages

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** Whenever Google’s John Mueller speaks, the community listens to what he has to say. Recently, he answered a question about how to rank a … Continued

New Link Attributes from Google

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** If you’ve been involved with working with websites for any amount of time, you are familiar with the nofollow attribute.  Google first introduced it … Continued

Google Changes GMB Listings

Google recently announced they will be automatically applying changes to Google My Business listings with distance-based service areas. The last remaining distance based service areas will be removed. Moving forward, service area businesses currently based on distance are to be automatically converted to the closest named areas. For instance, if your service area includes obscure … Continued

Google’s Stance on No-Follow Outbound Links

Many blogs and websites use no-follow links when writing about outside sources. It’s been common practice to do so among publishers, as it allows them to remain impartial and “safe” from showing preference for one source over another. This practice has long been believed to be the most acceptable way to avoid being seen as … Continued

SEO Perfection for Location Pages

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** Many clients may believe that stuffing the keyword “near me” is the best way to rank in the map pack. The truth is that SEO … Continued

Have a Help Desk? Mine it for SEO Insights

Your help desk is a wonderful source of customer insights that  everyone in your organization can learn from. Depending on how big your business is and how sophisticated your customers are, you probably have a collection of tools that allow you to: Enable customers to submit help tickets and search your knowledge base Enable customers … Continued

Leveraging Offline Events for Link Building

When it comes to SEO, link building is a major part of the process since Google and other search engines take a look at how many sites are linking to yours. For the greatest impact, those links can’t come from just any site, but instead should come from topically related websites that have high quality … Continued

New Options for Fine-Tuning AdWords Bidding

Last month at Google Marketing Live, Google revealed updates for bidding controls in Google AdWords. Marketers should see those become available over the coming months as they roll out. Let’s take a closer look at what the new options are. Set Conversions at Campaign Level Until now, you’ve only been able to set conversion goals … Continued

Google Breaks Silence: Top 3 SEO Factors

Google Webmasters has started a new video series designed to dispel SEO myths – called SEO Mythbusting. The first episode debuted May 15th, and in it, Martin Splitt, one of Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst speaks with his guest about how search engines work. As part of the discussion, he discusses how Google chooses relevant pages … Continued

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