Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile - Sachs Marketing Group

Alongside a number of other changes made this year, Google continues to revise and rebrand its toolkit for online businesses and internet retailers by changing Google My Business into the Google Business Profile. While little more than a name change on the surface, a deeper dive into the announcement reveals Google’s long-term plans for Google … Read more

Google Introduces New Deals Feed

Google Introduces New "Deals" Feature - Sachs Marketing Group

Google has introduced a new Google Deals feed, an innovative addition to its Shopping tab in search results. This Google Deals feed categorizes products related to user queries, highlighting promotions, sales, and price drops. This feature streamlines the shopping experience by conveniently displaying various deals, making it easier for consumers to find and take advantage … Read more

How to Prevent Your Emails from Going to Spam

How to Prevent Your Emails from Going to Spam

To prevent emails from going to spam, ensure your email list is clean and consists of opted-in recipients. Craft a clear, engaging subject line without spam triggers. Maintain a consistent sending schedule and sender name. Include a plain text version of your email, and make sure the HTML is clean and error-free. Lastly, always provide … Read more

Google Title Tag Changes: What You Need to Know

Google Title Tag Changes: What You Need to Know - Sachs Marketing Group

While there’s no guaranteed method to prevent Google from changing your title tags, following these best practices can reduce the likelihood of it happening. Remember, Google’s goal is to provide the best user experience possible, so creating title tags that accurately and succinctly describe your content will always be beneficial. If you spend a lot … Read more

What Role Do Data Clean Rooms Play in a Privacy-Driven World?

What Role Do Data Clean Rooms Play in a Privacy-Driven World? - Sachs Marketing Group

We are no longer simply moving away from third-party cookies and targeted advertising – in many ways, we’ve already moved past it. As Google joined Mozilla and Apple in ending its support for third-party cookies in web browsers, the internet collectively reached a historical point in digital advertising and arrived at a post-third-party cookie world. … Read more

Google Integrates with GoDaddy

Google Integrates with GoDaddy - Sachs Marketing Group

The news that Google integrates with GoDaddy is exciting for merchants interested in the benefits of two giants connecting. On July 13th, Google expanded its integration efforts to include GoDaddy merchants in the U.S., enhancing the ecommerce landscape. This move is part of Google’s broader strategy to integrate various ecommerce platforms into its Google Merchant … Read more

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio - Sachs Marketing Group

News this week is being presented by more than yet another change to the algorithm – this time, Google is making marketing headlines with the development and release of a (sort of) brand new toolkit called Ads Creative Studio. The new toolkit is designed for both creative types and marketers, with the aim of helping … Read more

What is Google FLoC?

What is Google FLoC? - Sachs Marketing Group

Whether you’ve heard of it via headlines in the news, releases by the EFF, or the viral sharing of AmIFLoCed, chances are you’ve heard about Google’s new FLoC initiative at some point this year. FLoC, or the Federated Learning of Cohorts, is part of Google’s larger privacy sandbox, and is an experimental replacement for third-party … Read more

Google’s June 2021 Core Update

Google June 2021 Core Update - Sachs Marketing Group

Google released a new core update earlier this month and has uncharacteristically announced a second update following very closely next month. Google core updates tend to be spaced several months apart, but a statement from Google Search public liaison Danny Sullivan clarified that they originally planned on releasing a single, larger update this month, and … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4

Everything You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4 - Sachs Marketing Group

Google Analytics 4 is a new kind of analytics property, and the newest incarnation of the Google Analytics platform. Previously known as Google Analytics App + Web, Google Analytics 4 can be used to track, compile, and visualize data from apps, websites, or a website and app together, versus web-only tracking from Universal Analytics, for … Read more

8 Ways To Improve Rankings and Increase Traffic To Your Site

8 Ways To Improve Rankings and Increase Traffic To Your Site - Sachs Marketing Group

There are nearly two billion separate websites on the internet. Every awesome website added to the net today is the digital equivalent of a drop in the ocean. So how do you improve rankings and increase traffic to make your drop stand out? The answer still lies, as it always has, in taking advantage of … Read more

The End of Modified Broad Matching

The End of Modified Broad Matching - Sachs Marketing Group

Earlier this year, Google announced its most recent change to the way keyword match types will work. This change sees the end of the modified broad match while expanding one of the other existing match types, the phrase match. The modified broad match was introduced in 2010 and allowed advertisers to specify keywords that needed … Read more

Google My Business Fields That Matter

Google My Business Fields That Matter - Sachs Marketing Group

From an SEO perspective, there are several Google My Business fields that have a more significant impact than others. Key fields include accurate business name, address, and phone number (NAP), which ensure consistency across listings. Categories and attributes effectively describe services, enhancing relevance. High-quality, updated photos and regular posting of updates or offers engage users. … Read more

Actionable Content Marketing Tips to Build More Traffic

Actionable Content Marketing Tips to Build More Traffic - Sachs Marketing Group

Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that 91% of B2B businesses use content marketing to reach their customers. And when it comes to the b2c sector, 86% of those marketers think using content marketing is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute also shows that 72% of marketers say their … Read more

What is a Foldable Web?

What is a Foldable Web? - Sachs Marketing Group

A Foldable Web refers to designing websites adaptable to foldable devices, such as smartphones and tablets with foldable screens. This trend matters for web design and digital marketing as it requires responsive layouts that seamlessly adjust to varying screen sizes and orientations. It ensures optimal user experience and engagement across these emerging devices, becoming crucial … Read more

The Myth of Intuitive Design

The Myth of Intuitive Design - Sachs Marketing Group

If you’ve been in web design and digital marketing for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase intuitive design. What does it actually mean?  I’m here to tell you why this phrase doesn’t make sense and ways we can better approach design solutions. What’s the Definition of Intuitive? According to Merriam-Webster,  intuitive means, … Read more

Content Syndication 101

Content Syndication 101 - Sachs Marketing Group

Content syndication, or publishing and promoting your original content on third party websites, is a crucial part of building authority and increasing your visibility. Whether you’re promoting articles, videos, or other kinds of content, content syndication networks are a valuable resource. They generally have large established audiences with high domain authority. Content syndication can also … Read more

Exploring ToFu to BoFu: Investigating These Content Marketing Metrics

Exploring ToFu to BoFu: Investigating These Content Marketing Metrics - Sachs Marketing Group

You spend your time feeling like a marketing rock star. You have content routinely rolling out, traffic growth is on point, and businesses are reading your email newsletters. Then you sit in a meeting and the VP of Finance asks if all the spending is necessary. The CEO questions the time spent on these endeavors. … Read more

Pillar Content 101: What, Why, and How

Pillar Content 101: What, Why, and How - Sachs Marketing Group

Pillar content, sometimes also referred to as cornerstone content, is a crucial part of your online presence. Imagine your website as a home for your business and the pillar content as the foundation the rest of the house is built upon. It is the underlying structure. Getting it right can make all the difference in … Read more

What is Page Experience?

What is Page Experience? - Sachs Marketing Group

According to Google Developers, page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. This is where core web vitals come in. Core web vitals are a set of metrics that measure real-world user experience or loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of a page. … Read more

Google Webmasters Unconference

Google Webmasters Unconference - Sachs Marketing Group

The Google Webmasters Unconference is an innovative event where the webmaster community engages with Google’s team in an open, collaborative format. Unlike traditional conferences, it features interactive sessions where attendees actively participate, suggest topics, and lead discussions. This format fosters direct communication with Google experts, enabling attendees to gain insights, share experiences, and discuss the … Read more

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