How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Content is going to be a crucial part of any digital marketer’s long-term plan. While it’s been over 20 years since Bill Gates asserted that Content is King, the statement rings true to today. Content, both the kind you create and the kind created about you, is what informs search engines on the quality and … Continued

Incorporating Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know a picture tells a thousand words, but infographics are even more efficient. The right graphic can convey an entire argument, turn potential leads into sure sales, and can reduce complex data points into actionable information in multiple different contexts, from product info to political activism. But infographics are still a relatively delicate … Continued

Content Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2022

As we’re ringing in the new year, it’s becoming clearer what 2022 will have in store for us. Content marketing is ever-changing, with new trends constantly emerging on the horizon, some closer than others. While we’re likely still years away from fully matured content marketing via AR and VR (through the likes of Instagram and Metaverse), … Continued

Core Web Vitals: WordPress, Drupal, Duda or Wix?

The results are in! For at least one kind of race, that is. Content management systems, or CMSs, play a vital role in making it easier and easier for companies and individuals to develop compelling, responsive, and easily navigable websites on the Internet. We’ve made leaps and bounds in website design and convention since the … Continued

8 Tips on Creating High-Quality Content

What is the true key to creating high-quality content? Is it word count? Keyword density? Or, even, originality? The answer is no, no, and surprisingly, still no. High-quality content is many things, but most importantly, it’s incredibly difficult to quantify. Google generally promotes content on the basis of a few important factors that count towards … Continued

Personalization: The Future of Content Marketing

Does your child spend the better part of their free time on YouTube? Have you ever seen someone spending more time watching streamers on Twitch than shows on Netflix? Do you have a TikTok account? If your question to any of these questions is yes, then you’re already aware of the macro-to-micro revolution in digital … Continued

Duplicate Content Isn’t Negatively Affecting Your Rank After All

For years, there’s been a debate on duplicate content – what qualifies as duplicate, and what it means for your search engine ranking. The conventional wisdom has been that when your website has duplicate content, its ranking is penalized as a result. But as of January 2021, we finally have clarification from Google, through John … Continued

What is a Content Gap Analysis?

If you find that your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are lacking, it may be time to conduct a content gap analysis. This helps you find missed opportunities for your SEO strategy – and if you hire us to handle it for you – is something we’ll do on your behalf. One of the most … Continued

Content Syndication 101

Content syndication, or publishing and promoting your original content on third party websites, is a crucial part of building authority and increasing your visibility. Whether you’re promoting articles, videos, or other kinds of content, content syndication networks are a valuable resource. They generally have large established audiences with high domain authority. Content syndication can also … Continued

Pillar Content 101: What, Why, and How

Pillar content, sometimes also referred to as cornerstone content, is a crucial part of your online presence. Imagine your website as a home for your business and the pillar content as the foundation the rest of the house is built upon. It is the underlying structure. Getting it right can make all the difference in … Continued

How Monitoring Online Activity Helps Produce Better Content

When I say “monitoring online activity,” I am not talking about using spyware and keyloggers to see what people are doing online. I’m talking about relying on analytics from your website, social media channels, social listening tools, and search listening tools to help you learn more about the audiences you’re creating content for. Daily, there … Continued

How to Use the Right Directional Cues in User Interfaces

User interface directional cues may be either implicit or explicit – obvious like arrows or subtle things like white space that the brain picks up on subconsciously. Knowing when to use them and which ones to use is crucial to building a positive user experience. Implicit Directional Cues Implicit cues are the ones that users … Continued

Content Marketing TED Style

Chances are unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know what a TED Talk is. TED has 15.8 million people subscribe to their content. TED is a global conference in media organizations with strong engagement. Nearly every video that TED releases gets hundreds of thousands of views and they all go viral on social … Continued

What 912 Million Blog Posts Tell Us About Content Marketing

Backlinko and BuzzSumo partnered together to analyze 912 million blog posts to glean insights about content marketing today. They looked at factors such as content format, headlines, and word count and how it correlates with backlinks and social media shares. The findings they discovered were quite interesting. Long-Form Content Gets More Backlinks When it comes … Continued

6 Ways to Monitor Your Competition’s Content Strategy

Knowing how to compete with other businesses in your niche is crucial, especially if you’re in a highly saturated niche. Content is one of the ways you can differentiate yourself because the more value you can provide to your readers and potential customers, the better off you are. Take a look at these six ways … Continued

15 Content Marketing Predictions for 2020

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** As we welcome the new year and new decade, it’s the perfect time to make predictions about what we can expect in the coming … Continued

Types of Content Marketing You Need

When it comes to content marketing, it can be difficult to know which types will make the biggest impact with your audience. That’s why familiarizing yourself with the options that are available to you before you start building your strategy is key. In this post, I’ll be covering 10 types of content marketing. While it … Continued

Why Your Videos Aren’t as Successful as Your Blog Posts

The increasing popularity of video content is sending many marketers to join in on the party. After all, we see many shiny new things come into play – remember Vine? And it’s easy to want to jump to the next big thing. The difference is, we have plenty of data to support the fact that … Continued

Checklist for Creating Valuable Content

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** Content is what makes the Internet such a useful tool, whether you’re trying to learn a new skill, or kill some time in the … Continued

Sentiment Analysis 101: Why It Matters

Are people talking about your business online? Do you know what they are saying? What about how to analyze the sentiment of the conversations so you can make better marketing decisions? In this post, I’ll show you more about what sentiment analysis is and the various ways you can use it to better serve your … Continued

Strategies for CTAs That Convert

Looking at your website analytics, you see there’s plenty of traffic coming in, but that nice chunk of traffic isn’t showing in your conversions. What is the problem? Chances are, it’s the most important element of your site – your call to actions (CTAs) are the offender. The good news is, you don’t need some … Continued

Developing a Visual Content Strategy

Developing a strategy is complex, and for many of us, anxiety inducing. It’s not easy to figure out where to start and how to proceed. Too often, content marketers are out there working without a strategy, or working within one that is far too restrictive. When things don’t work out as planned, it’s necessary to … Continued

10 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning social media posts or planning to roll out new website content; no marketing strategy can be successful without a plan. You always need an organized set of goals dictating what your brand’s online message will be, how those messages will evolve throughout the year, and how they will be … Continued

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