8 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas that Attract More Customers

thanksgiving marketing ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This time of year is all about spending time with family and friends and enjoying great food, but it’s also a great opportunity for businesses to attract more customers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become huge shopping events, and Thanksgiving marketing is a great way to take advantage … Read more

10 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Attract Local Customers

email marketing tips

Email marketing may one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it’s also one of the most effective. Email is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined (McKinsey). Of course, not all companies have enjoyed such success with email marketing, and many still wonder if it’s even … Read more

12 Benefits of Email Marketing and Why it’s More Important than Ever

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is more effective than ever before, but it requires a lot of time and attention. As email marketing becomes more and more popular, it’s important to understand the benefits that come with using this type of marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to connect with your customers … Read more

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring, managing and protecting the reputation of a business online. It’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence, as this is where customers will often go to learn more about a company and its products or services. A negative review or mention on social media can … Read more

The Benefits of Multichannel Marketing (SEO, Social, and PPC)

Combining SEO, PPC, & Social: The Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

Most businesses these days are using multichannel marketing to get their products and services in front of more potential customers. But what are the benefits of multichannel marketing, and why is it so effective? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of multichannel marketing and how you can combine search engine optimization (SEO), social media … Read more

7 PPC Optimization Strategies that Increase Conversions

PPC Optimization Strategies that Increase Conversions

If you’re interested in driving more attention to your business website, you may be interested in the advantages of running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. PPC is a type of online marketing in which businesses display ads on search engines and social media platforms. When someone clicks on one of these ads, the business pays a … Read more

7 Home Services Marketing Tips to Get More Customers

Professional contractors working on a home renovation, construction, windows installation and painting

Are you looking for home services marketing tips that will help you get more customers? If so, you’re in the right place. The market is more competitive than ever, which means home services companies need to be competitive. If you’re not marketing your home services company, you’re missing out on potential customers. Customers have a … Read more

What is ADA Compliance for Websites?

what is ada compliance for websites

Providing equal opportunity is one of the hallmarks of a just and free society. Despite the occasional shortcomings of the law, there are still plenty of hoops for businesses to jump through to make that dream a reality. One of the more overlooked ones is ADA compliance.  The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into … Read more

Mobile Site Optimization – Everything You Need To Know

Mobile Site Optimization

  Mobile Site Optimization If you have been keeping up with Google’s SEO changes – which is a full-time job in and of itself – then you might have caught wind of the company’s plans to continue prioritizing mobile accessibility and design when considering search engine results, otherwise known as mobile-first indexing. In summary, Google … Read more

Google Ads Performance Max New Updates

Google Ads Performance Max

Google has been making strides to position its Google Ads Performance Max campaigns as the next big thing, replacing Smart Shopping and Local ad campaigns later this year. This means advertisers will need to get comfortable with the relatively new Performance Max features, including the new updates Google plans to roll out throughout the rest … Read more

How To Migrate WordPress Site to New Host

How To Migrate WordPress Site to New Host - Sachs Marketing Group

Web hosting is a critical service with a huge market, with variable offerings designed to provide a flexible selection to potential customers. However, as with most things, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. Some hosting companies offer a wider selection of perks and a greater level of service for the … Read more

How To Best Utilize Google’s Business Messaging

How To Best Utilize Google's Business Messaging - Sachs Marketing Group

The opportunity to communicate with clients and customers on an individual level from across time zones is not unique to the age of the Internet, but it’s certainly never been as easy or convenient as it is today. Google’s Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) has allowed business owners to enable in-app messaging … Read more

Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile - Sachs Marketing Group

Alongside a number of other changes made this year, Google continues to revise and rebrand its toolkit for online businesses and internet retailers by changing Google My Business into the Google Business Profile. While little more than a name change on the surface, a deeper dive into the announcement reveals Google’s long-term plans for Google … Read more

Microsoft Partners with Shopify

Microsoft Partners with Shopify - Sachs Marketing Group

Microsoft announced a partnership with Shopify in late October, stating that they are “always looking for ways to help connect brands with consumers”. This new partnership comes in the form of simplified integration for Shopify merchants with Microsoft Search Network, Microsoft Audience Network, and a number of other Microsoft products. The adoption of Shopify as … Read more

Google Title Tag Changes: What You Need to Know

Google Title Tag Changes: What You Need to Know - Sachs Marketing Group

If you spend a lot of time tracking your webpages and search result rankings, you’re probably familiar with the ins and outs of search engine optimization. It’s complicated, to say the least – mostly because the rules of the game are changing constantly, and often, they’ll change without anyone even noticing for the first few … Read more

What Role Do Data Clean Rooms Play in a Privacy-Driven World?

What Role Do Data Clean Rooms Play in a Privacy-Driven World? - Sachs Marketing Group

We are no longer simply moving away from third-party cookies and targeted advertising – in many ways, we’ve already moved past it. As Google joined Mozilla and Apple in ending its support for third-party cookies in web browsers, the internet collectively reached a historical point in digital advertising and arrived at a post-third-party cookie world. … Read more

Google Integrates with GoDaddy

Google Integrates with GoDaddy - Sachs Marketing Group

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be working on improved integration of ecommerce platforms into its Google Merchant Center, which allows users and companies to advertise and sell products via Google Search and the Google Shopping tab, and manage the way their inventory appears on Google. On July 13th, it extended that integration … Read more

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio - Sachs Marketing Group

News this week is being presented by more than yet another change to the algorithm – this time, Google is making marketing headlines with the development and release of a (sort of) brand new toolkit called Ads Creative Studio. The new toolkit is designed for both creative types and marketers, with the aim of helping … Read more

What is Google FLoC?

What is Google FLoC? - Sachs Marketing Group

Whether you’ve heard of it via headlines in the news, releases by the EFF, or the viral sharing of AmIFLoCed, chances are you’ve heard about Google’s new FLoC initiative at some point this year. FLoC, or the Federated Learning of Cohorts, is part of Google’s larger privacy sandbox, and is an experimental replacement for third-party … Read more

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