An (Almost) Exhaustive List of Social Media Abbreviations and Acronyms

If you’ve been observing social media conversations, you have undoubtedly seen these acronyms and lingo. We’ve all had that awkward moment when we’re staring at something that we don’t understand. Many of the social media acronyms get thrown around casually in captions, comments, and conversations between people. Social media acronyms and abbreviations are essentially the … Continued

Global Launch of LinkedIn Events

In October, LinkedIn announced the global launch of LinkedIn Events. This feature allows members to create, share, and discover professional events. This program hopes to foster offline community building and help members nurture deeper professional relationships. LinkedIn data shows the chances of people accepting connection requests on LinkedIn increases two-fold if they have attended a … Continued

Creating Personalized Content for Social Media Marketing

Advertising to the prospect or consumer on social media is a growing craft—and an increasing area of competition. Consumers prefer content tailored to them, making them 40% more likely to make a positive buying decision after seeing that content. With so much riding on catching the audience’s attention on social media, creating personalized content for … Continued

How to Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

Creating a style guide for your brand is essential to ensuring a smooth, deliberate, clear, and intentional message in your marketing and brand representation. Knowing how to create a style guide for your brand is a valuable skill—one you can use as an entrepreneur or in service of a corporation of any size. A successful … Continued

Ways to Humanize Your Instagram Business Account

Humanizing your brand is an essential part of building awareness and loyalty. Giving your brand personality makes it easier for people to relate to you – and they are easier to remember and identify. Customers are more loyal and feel they trust a brand with a personality. Brand personalities teach customers how they should use … Continued

Google’s September 2019 Core Algorithm Update

We’re no stranger to Google core updates, and they seem to be happening on a quarterly basis these days. The last one we heard about was in June, but in September, Google pre-announced that a new core update was rolling out. In keeping with their promise to make things easier for SEOs and webmasters, this … Continued

Types of Content Marketing You Need

When it comes to content marketing, it can be difficult to know which types will make the biggest impact with your audience. That’s why familiarizing yourself with the options that are available to you before you start building your strategy is key. In this post, I’ll be covering 10 types of content marketing. While it … Continued

Getting Organic Traffic That Isn’t From Google

If Google is your only traffic source, it can be wiped out in a matter of seconds as the result of any algorithmic change. As such, it could invalidate years of effort and SEO overnight. Maybe it’s not completely disastrous, but it is a huge risk for many businesses. Instead of relying solely on Google … Continued

Up and Coming Social Platforms to Keep an Eye On

Smart marketers have been relying on the major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote their products and services, share content, and ultimately grow their businesses. However, rival platforms are being developed all the time and while many of them don’t achieve the same levels of success, (remember Ello? It’s still … Continued

Google’s Guide to Ranking Category Pages

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** Whenever Google’s John Mueller speaks, the community listens to what he has to say. Recently, he answered a question about how to rank a … Continued

Why You Need to Pay Attention to TikTok

When it comes to social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are probably the biggest platforms you consider. However new social media applications aren’t far behind. Younger internet users tend to shy away from traditional social media channels and look for the next big thing. TikTok is a potentially explosive social media platform that allows for … Continued

How the Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen marketing undergo quite a change. Thanks to the blockchain, it’s about to go through yet another revolution. Most of us associate digital marketing with things such as analytics and artificial intelligence. As such, the blockchain may be the most destructive technology to hit marketers in every industry. Let’s … Continued

AI and Marketing: What You Need to Know

Have you taken the time to think about how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact your marketing? Are you looking for AI tools you can use right now? Are you wondering why you should even bother paying attention to AI? Why Marketers Must Pay Attention to AI AI Affects Daily Life Experts predict AI will have … Continued

New Link Attributes from Google

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** If you’ve been involved with working with websites for any amount of time, you are familiar with the nofollow attribute.  Google first introduced it … Continued

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group

If you want to or are already using LinkedIn to connect with your ideal clients and prospects, you may want to consider running a LinkedIn Group. Why?  Starting your own LinkedIn group can be a wonderful way to increase your credibility and thought leadership while attracting a highly targeted group of people. Benefits of Managing … Continued

Google Changes GMB Listings

Google recently announced they will be automatically applying changes to Google My Business listings with distance-based service areas. The last remaining distance based service areas will be removed. Moving forward, service area businesses currently based on distance are to be automatically converted to the closest named areas. For instance, if your service area includes obscure … Continued

Memes 101: How Marketers Can Use Them

Memes have taken over social media. Surely, you’re familiar with these short static images, videos or GIFs that depict humorous and relatable content, then spread across the internet like wildfire. People love them. That’s why you should be using them in your online marketing. They’re relatively easy to create and have the potential to really … Continued

Chase to Use AI for Marketing Content Creation

Are freelance copywriters and in-house teams soon to be out of a job? We’re in the v. Writing algorithms have been available for purchase or a while now. Major companies are using them and they are creating well written articles supported by data. When it comes to content writing bots you’ll see a lot of … Continued

Developing a Social Media Approval Process for Your Organization

Managing social media for your department, organization or for individual clients can be stressful. This is especially true if there is a team involved in the process. Each stakeholder may have different expectations for social media posts, and it’s imperative that everyone is on the same page in order to avoid problems such as misunderstandings … Continued

Google’s Stance on No-Follow Outbound Links

Many blogs and websites use no-follow links when writing about outside sources. It’s been common practice to do so among publishers, as it allows them to remain impartial and “safe” from showing preference for one source over another. This practice has long been believed to be the most acceptable way to avoid being seen as … Continued

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms to Tap Into

With the rise of the internet, new marketing practices are developing at a more rapid speed than ever before. Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is important to any business that wants to remain relevant and competitive. One trend that has been used consistently to deliver positive results is influencer marketing. In this … Continued

Study: What 100 Social Media Followers are Worth

When it comes to the social web, platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram command billions of eyeballs every year. This makes the channels too big to ignore, so you have no choice but to participate in them to avoid missing out on revenue and traffic. That brings the question how much time and money should … Continued

What Is Facebook ThruPlay?

If you are using video in your Facebook Ads you’ll need to consider ThruPlay optimization and how it will affect your campaigns. In September 2018, Facebook introduced ThruPlay ad optimization for video views campaigns. Facebook considers a Thruplay when your video ad is watched to either completion or at least 15 seconds in the case … Continued

SEO Perfection for Location Pages

**This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.** Many clients may believe that stuffing the keyword “near me” is the best way to rank in the map pack. The truth is that SEO … Continued

Why Your Videos Aren’t as Successful as Your Blog Posts

The increasing popularity of video content is sending many marketers to join in on the party. After all, we see many shiny new things come into play – remember Vine? And it’s easy to want to jump to the next big thing. The difference is, we have plenty of data to support the fact that … Continued