How Not Disavowing Links Harms Your SEO Strategy

Not Disavowing Links Harms Your SEO Strategy - Sachs Marketing Group

Not disavowing links harms your SEO strategy. Bad links from spammy or irrelevant sites may lead to penalties from search engines, harming your site’s credibility and rankings. Regularly auditing backlinks and disavowing those that are low-quality or unnatural is crucial to maintaining a healthy and effective SEO profile. Thanks to changes across the SEO industry … Read more

Are Your Ads Killing Your SEO?

Person presses hologram of cloud computing icons

Many online businesses monetize their websites using display ads – either through a network like AdSense, or by selling ads directly. One of the first banner ads online belonged to AT&T, and was first displayed in October 1994. Logically, it makes sense that if you have a decent amount of traffic, you should make it … Read more

14 Types of Evergreen Content to Include in Your Strategy

Evergreen Content to Include in Your Strategy - Sachs Marketing Group

Evergreen content is timeless. This post itself, is an example of evergreen content. Even though it’s originally being posted to the blog in 2017, the information within the post will be relevant and useful to my audience for years to come. And, if changes in the industry mean some of the information becomes outdated, I … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Google Search Console

Google Search Console: Beginner's Guide - Sachs Marketing Group

Once known as Google Webmaster Tools, the product was renamed in May 2015, to better represent its wider audience of users. Originally intended to help webmasters get a better view of what’s going on with a website, the resource provided valuable to other internet professionals, such as SEOs, designers, and marketing pros, thus the rebrand. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own Podcast

Everything to Know to Start Your Own Podcast - Sachs Marketing Group

Podcasting is a type of online audio broadcasting. You record an audio file, usually MP3, then upload it online for people to stream and listen to. Alternatively, people can download the file and listen at their own convenience. The term “podcast” is a hybrid of iPod and broadcasting, since most people listened to the files … Read more

How to Make User Generated Content Work for You

Make User Generated Content Work for You - Sachs Marketing Group

User generated content, or UGC, refers to any kind of content created by users of a product or service. Most people think of reviews when it comes to UGC, but it encompasses everything from photos, blogs, videos, audio, tweets, forum posts, and more. You can use this content on your social media channels to promote … Read more

16 of the Best Tips and Tricks to Hack Your Business Growth

Tips and Tricks to Hack Your Business Growth - Sachs Marketing Group

Growth hacking is a different approach to marketing. It focuses on scalability. As your marketing efforts are designed to bring in more customers to grow your business, you can continue to put more into marketing while serving the growing customer base. Instead of traditional marketing, it focuses on using a series of shortcuts to drive … Read more

Native Advertising: Why It Works And Why You Should Do it Now

Native Advertising: Why You Should Do it Now - Sachs Marketing Group

Native advertising is paid content that’s made to match the look and feel of the website it’s presented on, so it looks more like organic content. It encompasses many content formats, ranging from articles to infographics and videos. This type of content appears to provide value to the audience, but the end goal to sell … Read more

Should You Incorporate a Chatbot in Your Social Media Strategy?

Should a Chatbot Be in a Social Media Strategy?- Sachs Marketing Group

Facebook Messenger is a separate application that allows users, both personal and business, to send messages back and forth without using the original Facebook application. Many businesses are adding it to their marketing strategy simply because more than 1 billion people have adopted the platform as their primary communication channel. It’s not just the people … Read more

Tips for Creating Cohesive Branding for your business

Creating Cohesive Branding for Your Business - Sachs Marketing Group

Creating a cohesive brand identity is deceptively complex. On the surface, it may appear to be as simple as hiring someone to create an eye-catching logo and engaging content that can then be distributed to consumers. In reality, the process of creating effective branding begins with deep introspection about the core values the brand represents … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a New Product or Service

Guide to Launching a New Product or Service - Sachs Marketing Group

This guide assumes you’ve done all your homework in terms of market research. You’ve developed and tested the idea, built the prototype, gone through beta testing, and now you’re ready to launch your new baby into the world. Your strategy can make or break your success, so it’s critical to go into everything with a … Read more

7 Types of Visual Content You Should Include in Your Strategy

Visual Content: Types to Include in Your Strategy - Sachs Marketing Group

Anyone with an internet connection can create and share content – visual or otherwise. This translates to a vast array of professional and amateur content, and a crowded environment. To stand out in any content marketing campaign, you must have quality, of course, but visual content can set you apart from the crowd. Why visual … Read more

Complete Guide to Integrate PR with Content Marketing

Guide to Integrate PR and Content Marketing - Sachs Marketing Group

For years, the PR industry has been changing. The increased use of the internet and social media lends itself to a decrease in traditional media readership. It also means more brands are taking control of their reputation online, which in some cases is great PR, and in others, creates a nightmare. PR, according to the … Read more

7 Email Segmentation Ideas for Maximizing Email Profits

Maximizing Email Profits: Segmentation Ideas - Sachs Marketing Group

Across different industries, email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy in online marketing. Smart marketers have embraced it already: A survey report by an online technology reviews firm revealed that out of 200 marketers surveyed 97% of them are using email marketing software. If you’re already using email marketing, you need to take it a … Read more

How to Get Your Fans Actively Involved in Your SMM Campaign

Get Your Fans Involved in Your SMM Campaign - Sachs Marketing Group

Creating and executing a social media marketing (SMM) campaign is complex business – with a number of variants along the way. You have to think about what networks you’re wanting to include, what your end goals are, and how you think current and prospective fans will respond. Nothing really ever guarantees campaign success, but one … Read more

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