Ranking Reports Dead?

Are ranking reports the “gold standard” for tracking the progress of an SEO campaign? We think NOT. There are a TON of outside influences that impact rankings when you (or someone else) searches for your website on Google: If you have been to your website before, your website will show higher in the search engine … Read more

Keyword Research for SEO

The first step in any comprehensive SEO campaign is good, thorough keyword research.  You need to identify specific keywords for your industry.  At Sachs Marketing Group we evaluate keywords using several different metrics: How many times is that keyword searched locally and globally? Of the number of times that keyword was searched, how many people … Read more

High PR Paid Links

Recently, Google has been on a HUGE push to “level the playing field” in terms of SEO and organic search rankings.  Google wants to rank each webpage/website on it’s merit exclusively.  In keeping with this mission, they have penalized websites that have paid backlinks pointing to them.  The thinking was (is) that they do not want “site A” … Read more

Do Exit Pops Hurt SEO?

The question has come up, more than a few times: Do exit pops hurt SEO efforts? As far as we know, there are basically two different types of exit pops: 1. Javascript exit pops that trigger when a visitor closes a window or tab. The Java traps the window and prevents the visitor from going … Read more

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