The Intersection of Social and Search

The Intersection of Social and Search | Sachs Marketing Group

In our ever-connected and digitally-based society, it’s become increasingly clear just how important an online presence can be to the success of a business, an organization, or a movement. But if faced with limited resources, time, or budget, many question what the most important aspect of online marketing to focus on really is. We hear these questions all the time: What should I prioritize? What’s the most important thing to do online to help grow my business? If you had to pick SEO or social, which would you choose?

The truth is that it can be difficult to choose just one aspect of digital marketing to focus on. Social networking, SEO, and other aspects of digital marketing are closely linked. To choose one – and inherently have to disregard the others – would be a mistake. That being said, we will break down each of the facets of a digital marketing campaign to better illustrate why each is important and how they work together.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO consists of both on-page and off-page methods that help to best optimize a website for search engines to crawl. The primary purpose of this work is to help the site be found by individuals searching for relevant queries that the website (and the company) have to offer. Building a long-term SEO strategy will be critical to conversions and ROI for your business. SEO is affected not only by the various tactics it includes, but also by social media and web functionality.

Social Media Development: Social media development is key to building up your brand and creating name recognition with your fan base, and your organic search results will be impacted by your social accounts. Engaging with your fanbase and disseminating informative and interesting content will support your brand and reputation. Social signals influence your rankings for organic search results and we must factor in the growth of such mega-social networks as a source of information.

Web Design: Who could be better to build a website than a digital marketing firm? We know exactly what goes into a website to help you get conversions and engage with potential customers. No matter how beautiful a website may be, functionality is key. From purposeful navigation to logos to mobile-friendly site development, Sachs Marketing Group can support your web design needs. A strong website is central to SEO development and conversions.

It’s difficult to choose what aspect is most important to a successful marketing campaign, because all are closely integrated and working together. There is no straight answer as to which aspect will be best for your business, as they work hand-in-hand. It’s nearly impossible to create content and go without sharing it on social; just the same, you would not have anything to share on social without a strong website that can be found in search queries. We at Sachs are happy to help analyze your site and recommend what type of campaigns will most benefit your business.

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