What Does The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Mean For My Site?

What Does The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Mean For My Site? | Sachs Marketing Group

You may have heard by now that Google is rolling out a new update to its algorithm on April 21st – one that will place more emphasis on what Google defines as “mobile-friendly” websites. A report released last year attributed up to 60% of overall search to mobile devices, and Google’s change will reflect this in the way it shifts focus toward mobile search. Websites that do not pass Google’s mobile-friendly test will show up farther down in the search results in comparison to sites that do meet the criteria to pass for mobile-friendly.

It is somewhat important to note that this new change will not affect searches conducted on computers – only searches that are conducted on mobile devices. However, given the high volume of searches that are now being made via mobile, it is certainly worth your time and effort to be mobile-friendly.

So what does this mean for your site?

Check your site for compatibility with mobile devices via Google’s mobile-friendly test (which can be found HERE). If your site is not set up for mobile, Google will highlight the changes that need to be made. Key focus lies upon quick loading for mobile devices, easy accessibility, and buttons that are of appropriate size and functionality for smaller, mobile screens.

Click here to read more about the change from Michael Liedtke for Huff Post Tech.

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