Kris Harrison

Bringing an extensive wealth of digital marketing experience spanning over 15 years, Kris serves as the dedicated Director of Sales at Sachs Marketing Group, orchestrating growth and nurturing client success within the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Specializing in the healthcare industry, particularly in the addiction and mental health sector, Kris consistently stands as a driving force, delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions that effortlessly transform challenges into opportunities for clients. His expertise extends beyond the health sector, showcasing a proven track record across highly competitive industries.

Playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the substantial growth of various digital marketing agencies, Kris transcends the role of a mere relationship builder. His forte lies in excelling at leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies to tailor solutions to the unique needs of clients. Kris’s digital acumen ensures clients receive innovative solutions, propelling their success in an ever-evolving online landscape.

Beyond the digital realm, Kris is a proud “girl dad,” finding joy in quality moments spent with his daughters. Weekends often involve cruising adventures in his classic Bronco, crafting cherished family memories, and honing the art of BBQ. This dedication to family values seamlessly extends to his professional relationships, where clients are not merely seen as partners but integral members of an extended business family.

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