Kaylee Sachs

Kaylee graduated from the Art Institute of California, Hollywood with a degree in Graphic Design. While in school, she began freelancing for entrepreneurs and companies both small and large, all while working as an administrative assistant for a start-up dance studio.

With seven years of experience in SEO and social media, her strengths include staying on the pulse of social media trends and creating new, out-of-the-box ways to keep our clients ahead of the game. Math was her favorite subject in school, which might explain why she loves to code websites and find solutions to any puzzles that are thrown her way, such as how to develop a social media strategy that will bring a company success! Her incredible work ethic and drive makes her able to accomplish just about anything she puts her mind to.

Kaylee’s passion for the arts and creativity has led her to also pursue acting and aerial dancing. When she’s not working you can find her studying lines, auditioning, flying in an aerial hammock, or hanging out with her cats.

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