Tina Williamson

Tina graduated from Columbia College in WA with a BA in Marketing. After moving to CA with her family, she brought her marketing skills and her Navy-issued dedication and attention to detail to Sachs Marketing Group. In her free time, you will find she always has a camera in her hands. She is obsessed with … Continued

Colin Keesee

Colin Keesee graduated from California State University, Northridge with degrees in History and Economics. Colin has always been fascinated by human behavior as well as using data to understand that behavior. Colin has been in the digital marketing space for four years and has designed and executed a variety of campaigns which have incorporated SEO, … Continued

Benjamin Fogel

Ben graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a specialization in digital marketing. In his spare time he loves hiking, watching movies, and going to the beach. He is a connoisseur of ice cream and if he can’t find a waffle cone he’ll suffice with a bowl.

Kayla Tucker

Kayla graduated from California Lutheran University – School of Management with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She helps beautify our natural landscapes with the Surfrider Foundation and the Friends of Griffith Park. You might also find her swimming in the ocean or hiking up a mountain with her two … Continued

Phil Deckard

Phil Deckard is a UX/UI – visual designer, graphic/motion design artist, and branding strategist with over 15 years of interface design expertise in the entertainment industry. Known for his creative design solutions and far too frequent bad puns, Phil has designed and authored thousands of DVDs and BluRay titles, eBooks, and eMagazines for Warner Home … Continued

Halli Steinberg

Halli has degrees in business administration, education and English, and just loves to learn. When she’s not analyzing metrics and publishing reports, she’s probably dogsitting, volunteering at the Agoura Animal shelter, discussing a novel at her book club, cheering on the Dodgers and/or geeking out to Billy Joel music.

Tyson Crandall

Tyson graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Psychology and has always been fascinated with human behavior. Pursuing a career in marketing was a no-brainer as his academic background provided a foundation for understanding consumer behavior and the underlying motivation behind purchasing decisions. Now at Sachs Marketing Group, Tyson oversees … Continued

Rigoberto Flores

Passionate about human behavior and why people do the things they do, Rigoberto made the jump from a Finance Degree into Marketing. He fell in love with marketing when he witnessed his good friend start Ventura County’s foodie craze with a video marketing campaign in early 2017 that he came up with by picking up … Continued

Madison McGray

Mattie is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree as an English major. She is an expert in all things social media and specializes in paid advertising for both Facebook and Instagram. She loves to curate standout social profiles, attracting new social media users and capitalizing on trending news. When she’s not in the office you … Continued

Kelli Chu

Kelli graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in Drama. Being originally from the Bay Area and Hawaii, her love for the arts drew her to settling in Los Angeles. Only in the last year did she decide to pursue writing instead of acting, and have her written articles published in an … Continued

Allie Burgess

Allie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder where she studied business administration and marketing. After moving to California, she brought her love of learning and digital marketing expertise to Sachs Marketing Group. In her free time, you can find her exploring the outdoors, trying to learn how to cook, or playing with her kitten.

Chris Rice

Chris started his digital marketing career as a copywriter for a popular yellow pages company, where he wrote thousands of ads for businesses and advocated the need for more interactive features, including personal profiles and reviews. He developed a specialization in search engine optimization and recently brought his skill-set to Sachs Marketing Group. In his free … Continued

Kaylee Sachs

Kaylee graduated from the Art Institute of California, Hollywood with a degree in Graphic Design. While in school, she began freelancing for entrepreneurs and companies both small and large, all while working as an administrative assistant for a start-up dance studio. With five years of experience in SEO and social media, her strengths include staying … Continued

Samantha ‘Missy’ Elliot

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing and eight years of high-end, retail public relations experience, Samantha is a hugely valuable part of Sachs Marketing Group. She is sharp as a tack and fluent in predictive analytics, keyword research, social media development, and web optimization. In her free time, Samantha loves cheering on … Continued

Abigail Larsen

Abigail graduated from Northwest Missouri State University and Thammasat University, Bangkok with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Advertising, and Spanish. In her Project Management role, she works with clients and the SMG team to design and develop snazzy websites. When she isn’t here at Sachs, you can find her painting, eating a burrito, or … Continued

Tiffany Anderson

Tiffany is an experienced office manager and customer relationship specialist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Administration. Tiffany has an extensive background supporting executive-level staff, with over 10 years’ experience in an administrative setting. Throughout her career, she has maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse … Continued

Eric Sachs

SEO Expert Eric Sachs In 2006 Eric started his Internet Marketing career doing affiliate marketing. In 2007, he expanded his marketing skills and began working as the Director of Marketing for a Southern California lead generation company in the Real Estate space. In early 2010, Eric founded Sachs Marketing Group. Eric and his team are responsible … Continued

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