Using Pinterest for Blogging

Practically every time I read a blog post, I see a Pinterest button somewhere that gives me the option to pin the post. I started to wonder why Pinterest is so closely connected to blogging. It’s likely because Pinterest is useful for education. Users create boards to save things like inspirational quotes, recipes, home decor … Continued

Pinterest’s New Complete the Look Tool

Pinterest has launched a new visual search tool known as “Complete the Look” that recommends relevant home decor and fashion categories based on the context of an image. For instance, if a user searches for a mountain scene Pin, the platform will recommend products found in similar images, such as camping gear, hats, and so … Continued

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Strengthen Your Brand

Many businesses think of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn in relation to marketing products and services. The reality is that consumers today are incredibly visual, and these sites alone may no longer be enough to keep their interest. Enter Pinterest. While it started out as more of a personal indexing site where people swapped recipes … Continued

Social Marketing 101: Utilizing Pinterest

At first glance, Pinterest may seem like just a platform for stay-at-home-moms, crafters, and foodies, but the truth is that it’s a rather diverse platform where people can peruse and “pin” their favorite pieces of content on their own “boards.” These boards serve as indexes for future reference, which can make them a powerful marketing … Continued

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