Organic Search and Social Networking – The Great Crossover

Not long ago, there was a clear separation between organic search results and social media channels. Recently, that has changed dramatically. The line that used to separate these two online elements has become blurred.

Google’s very advanced algorithms are picking up on what we call “Social Signals” and those signals are impacting organic search results and rankings.

This all started with Google + and has now bled into Facebook, Twitter and various other social media channels. The basic theory is this:

If your friends like something, you will probably like it too – makes sense right?

At Sachs Marketing Group, we do our best to capitalize on this concept and we wanted to share with our clients and site visitors what we have been doing that seems to be working well:

1. We conduct detailed research into our clients’ audience – the people who are listening. We learn who they are, where they are and why they are listening. If we can determine what they like, we are better able to give it to them!

2. We identify the people who are influencing the topics in our clients’ industries and follow them on social media channels. We also follow the people who follow these influencers. Finally, we follow the people whom these influencers are following. We do our best to get all of these people to follow us.

3. We design and implement apps on Facebook. These apps are designed to engage our clients’ fan-base. Our apps provide a platform for us to run contests, sweepstakes, group coupons and other incentive-type elements that encourage people to share our content on their personal social media platforms. We also share white papers, informative lists and other content that we believe our clients’ audience will find useful, interesting and relevant.

4. We integrate a social media analytics platform into our administration of social networking campaigns for our clients. This allows us to determine how often our Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets” are being shared, re-posted, liked, favorited and clicked. We use for this process. We track our progress and try to capitalize on any trends that become evident to us.

All of these efforts are aimed at leveraging the tremendous power of social networking, sharing and social signals.


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