Clubhouse App 101: What Is It?

Clubhouse App 101: What Is It? - Sachs Marketing Group

Clubhouse is a new social media platform that lets people share stories, collaborate, and chat in real-time. It allows users to connect with one another using their voices without requiring equipment. Clubhouse focuses on the social aspect of social media – and not so much the media…. Which gets us back to the basics.

But, right now, the platform is fairly exclusive. It’s invite-only, much like Pinterest was in its early days. Generally, we measure a social platform’s success by the number of active users that log in and use the platform every day. But, the limitations on invitations to the platform have only made it more appealing to entrepreneurs.

How to Use Clubhouse

Social media platforms come and go, but all signs point to Clubhouse being a disruptive platform to social media marketing as we know it. Clubhouse may be the next major social media platform because:

  • Users are loyal and protective – carefully inviting others.
  • The app is focused on creating high-value conversations, not just churning content.
  • Users can connect and engage with professionals outside of their niche or industry
  • Instead of algorithms, Clubhouse uses spontaneous rooms with real-time chats on a range of topics

Clubhouse brings audio to social media, where most other platforms ignore it. With such a focus on visual and written media – from videos and images to captions, Clubhouse’s audio-only format stands out.

Within a few minutes of joining the app and scrolling through it, you’ll have tons of ideas on how to use Clubhouse to establish your expertise and authority, network with others, and learn more about nearly anything you could imagine.

Community Building

Though you won’t be able to get your entire community on the Clubhouse app until after it comes out of private beta, you can bring people together and engage with them in a new way. As you meet more Clubhouse members, you’ll see that many of them naturally follow over to your other communities and channels.

With Clubhouse, you’ll have an exclusive, intimate community that can supplement virtual (and eventually in person) events so that attendees can engage with one another.

Content Curation

If you record and transcribe conversations in a Clubhouse room without every participant’s permission, you’re violating the terms of service. But, if you want to curate content on the platform, you can start a new room for content curation. All you have to do is add your intent to the public title and descriptions. Then you can use the room to interview others, ask questions, get information on a variety of subjects, and then develop articles.

After you start a Clubhouse room, you cannot change or edit the room’s title or description. After the room has started, you cannot begin recording. You have to make the choice when you’re setting up the room so that you can include the appropriate notices for members.


Any member can start a private chat with any of their connections. This makes it a good platform for having private conversations about collaboration opportunities and networking. After the chatroom is closed, nothing is saved. The entire conversation is private.

Podcast Communities

Though this one will need to wait until after the private beta ends, you’ll be able to create clubs in Clubhouse related to your podcast. You won’t have to add a lot of content to keep your community engaged as they wait for new episodes.


Everyone knows how important it is to learn from industry experts. With Clubhouse, however, it’s easier to share the stage with celebrities, tech giants, CEOs, startups, and small business owners alike. Using this platform, you can ask direct questions and get responses in real-time.

How to Join the Clubhouse App

At this time, Clubhouse is running in a private beta available to iPhone users, which is a major reason for its exclusivity. There are only two ways to get on the platform, and both of them require close relationships with people who are already using the app.

When you visit the Clubhouse website, you’re given the option to download the app and reserve your username. Depending on how many people you know on the app, those people may get notified that you have reserved your username and downloading the app. When this happens, they have the option to bring you in, even if they don’t have any invitations to send.

Otherwise, you have to have a personal invitation. When someone joins the platform, they’re automatically given one invitation they can give to someone using their phone numbers. This means sending invitations only to people you have a close connection to.

After someone has been on the platform for a while, spending time speaking and moderating rooms, they are given more invites to share.

Setting Up Your Clubhouse App Profile

Just like with other social media networks, you have a profile where you can share a bit about yourself with other members.

When selecting your profile photo, choose one that shows your face and that looks good in multiple sizes, since it will display in various places throughout the app. You should have a clear background with contrasting colors – to make it easier for your photo to stand out.

You have a lot of room for a full bio. The first ~125 characters (three lines0 are the most important part of your bio because that is what is shown as a preview while in rooms in the app. Since it is a plain-text editor, you cannot use hyperlinks, emojis, any markup or formatting.

If you write your bio in Notepad, then copy and paste the bio into your profile, you will be able to add a bit of basic formatting and some emojis, even though it still won’t have any clickable links.

Tips for a Stellar Clubhouse Profile

  • Make sure your profile highlights the value you bring to the conversation.
  • Instagram and Twitter profiles are the only links on your profile that are clickable. However, you can post other links in your bio. Just make sure they are easy to remember because people won’t be able to copy and paste the links.
  • Links the topics you’re interested in discussing so that people will know what kinds of conversations you want to be invited to.
  • Place keywords throughout strategically so people can find you if they use the search function. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Once you’ve created your profile, you can start participating in rooms, making friends, and talking.

The Clubhouse Hallway is the Facebook Newsfeed, where you can get updates about what your followers and audience are doing – and take a look at what is popular.

The Clubhouse calendar displays a list of upcoming rooms. Anyone can add a new room or event to this calendar. Doing so notifies your followers or the club you choose to attribute your event to.

It will be interesting to watch this social media app. If you’re part of the pilot program there, I’d love to hear from you. How are you becoming part of the conversation? Are you using it to build communities?

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