Do Exit Pops Hurt SEO?

The question has come up, more than a few times: Do exit pops hurt SEO efforts?

As far as we know, there are basically two different types of exit pops:

1. Javascript exit pops that trigger when a visitor closes a window or tab. The Java traps the window and prevents the visitor from going back or doing whatever they intended to do. Google frowns on this method because they consider it manipulation of bounce rate. Since Google has manual reviewers (live people who visit websites) as well as bots that checks the code on websites, you run the risk of being “dinged” organically while running an exit pop.

2. A lightbox window exit pop. This window comes up when a visitor mouses-over a hidden, 1px line at the top of the browser’s window, just under the toolbar. This code captures the visitors intent to click the back button or close the tab or window as they move their mouse over the toolbar. This type of exit pop garners the same result as the Javascript method but doesn’t take control of the visitor’s browser – they can still click the back button if they don’t like whatever you are offering in your lightbox window.

The 2nd method above is safer from an SEO perspective. The fact is, exit pops were never meant to compliment SEO and probably hurt more than they help.

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