6 Steps to a Flawless Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafting a digital marketing strategy is difficult work, whether you’re a new or seasoned marketer. What worked in the past may not work now, and with constant market changes – the addition of new platforms, algorithm adjustments, and more competition – nothing is a guarantee of success right out of the gate. But, just because something is a “failure” doesn’t mean it’s a waste of your time and effort. Everything is a lesson in marketing – and there’s a solution for everyone. Even not-so-glamorous brands can rock digital marketing. It’s all in the plan, and knowing how to reach your audience.

The most important factor to build into your digital marketing strategy, no matter what the scope, goals, or objectives may be, is agility. Having a plan is critical, but having a back up plan, or the ability to make adjustments based on what you see happening before, during, and after each of the campaigns in your strategy begins is vital to your success. Staying the course when data indicates it is time to pivot can be absolutely detrimental, wasting time and money, and negatively affecting brand image or customer loyalty.

This infographic breaks the process of creating your digital marketing strategy down into six steps – each building on the previous to make it simpler for you to build a strategy that gets you through the next month, quarter, or year, if you’d like.


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