First-Party Data and Your Marketing Strategy

First-Party Data and Your Marketing Strategy - Sachs Marketing Group

As a marketer, the customer data you have is as good as gold. There are several ways to collect data with internal and external sources. The most common data sources are from first party and third party. First-party data is essentially you are data because it is the information you collect directly from your website … Read more

Neuroscience and Marketing: Understanding the Decision-Making Process

Neuroscience and Marketing: Understanding the Decision-Making Process - Sachs Marketing Group

Have you ever had a series of marketing campaigns do poorly and then suddenly you have one go viral? Have you tried to recreate that magic only to find you couldn’t? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people have tried and tried to become the next marketing campaign that is the talk of the … Read more

Using Community Outreach as a Marketing Strategy

As a business, community outreach is crucial to connecting to your local area. Developing a community outreach program not only helps to increase awareness for your products and services, but also strengthens your brand. Interacting with the local community gives you a chance to build and nurture relationships with consumers, rather than marketing at them. … Read more

6 Steps to a Flawless Digital Marketing Strategy

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Crafting a digital marketing strategy is difficult work, whether you’re a new or seasoned marketer. What worked in the past may not work now, and with constant market changes – the addition of new platforms, algorithm adjustments, and more competition – nothing is a guarantee of success right out of the gate. But, just because … Read more

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