A Closer Look at LinkedIn Live

A Closer Look at LinkedIn Live - Sachs Marketing Group

LinkedIn Live is a feature on LinkedIn that allows individuals and organizations to broadcast live video content to their network. This platform is ideal for hosting real-time discussions, interviews, and presentations, enabling direct engagement with professional audiences. It’s a powerful tool for thought leadership, brand promotion, and community building, offering interactive elements like Q&A sessions, … Read more

Global Launch of LinkedIn Events

Global Launch of LinkedIn Events - Eric Sachs SEO

In October, LinkedIn announced the global launch of LinkedIn Events. This feature allows members to create, share, and discover professional events. This program hopes to foster offline community building and help members nurture deeper professional relationships. LinkedIn data shows the chances of people accepting connection requests on LinkedIn increases two-fold if they have attended a … Read more

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group - Sachs Marketing Group

If you want to or are already using LinkedIn to connect with your ideal clients and prospects, you may want to consider running a LinkedIn Group. Why?  Starting your own LinkedIn group can be a wonderful way to increase your credibility and thought leadership while attracting a highly targeted group of people. Benefits of Managing … Read more

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