A Closer Look at LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn recently announced updates to LinkedIn pages including the ability to stream live video. Originally launched last year, LinkedIn live was only for individual accounts, but now it’s going to be available for pages. You can use it on your own LinkedIn page or on your company’s profile. Either way, you decide to go, this … Continued

Global Launch of LinkedIn Events

In October, LinkedIn announced the global launch of LinkedIn Events. This feature allows members to create, share, and discover professional events. This program hopes to foster offline community building and help members nurture deeper professional relationships. LinkedIn data shows the chances of people accepting connection requests on LinkedIn increases two-fold if they have attended a … Continued

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group

If you want to or are already using LinkedIn to connect with your ideal clients and prospects, you may want to consider running a LinkedIn Group. Why?  Starting your own LinkedIn group can be a wonderful way to increase your credibility and thought leadership while attracting a highly targeted group of people. Benefits of Managing … Continued

How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Experience

LinkedIn is a wonderful social platform for those in the B2B space. Once thought of as a tool for job seekers, the platform has evolved into so much more than that. You can publish content as you would on a blog, go live, tag others, create a page for your company, and more. There’s plenty … Continued

8 Things You Can Do to Better Utilize Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re like a lot of other people, you might have a LinkedIn profile…but it never really sees the light of day. Maybe you log in once a year and tweak it slightly, or you log in regularly but don’t really “get” how to use it effectively. That might be a mistake! Professionals and business … Continued

How to Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile to Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is a powerful social network, and not just for those in the B2B space. LinkedIn users are more likely to actually visit your homepage, and have higher conversion rates compared to other social media platforms.If you want to make the most of your time and effort spent connecting with others there, it all starts … Continued