A Closer Look at LinkedIn Live

A Closer Look at LinkedIn Live - Sachs Marketing Group

LinkedIn recently announced updates to LinkedIn pages including the ability to stream live video. Originally launched last year, LinkedIn live was only for individual accounts, but now it’s going to be available for pages. You can use it on your own LinkedIn page or on your company’s profile. Either way, you decide to go, this … Read more

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group

Keys to Running a Successful LinkedIn Group - Sachs Marketing Group

If you want to or are already using LinkedIn to connect with your ideal clients and prospects, you may want to consider running a LinkedIn Group. Why?  Starting your own LinkedIn group can be a wonderful way to increase your credibility and thought leadership while attracting a highly targeted group of people. Benefits of Managing … Read more

7 Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn That Kill Your Brand Image

Mistakes Could Kill Your LinkedIn Brand Image - Sachs Marketing Group

Regardless of where LinkedIn falls in your company social strategy, it’s a good idea to maintain a presence there. When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for your business, going beyond recruiting to help engage customers, share internal information with your employees, and even generate sales leads. If you’re already using a LinkedIn … Read more

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