Top Influencer Marketing Platforms to Tap Into

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms to Tap Into - Sachs Marketing Group

There are several top influencer marketing platforms to tap into this year. Leading influencer marketing platforms include AspireIQ, Upfluence, and CreatorIQ, offering tools to connect brands with relevant influencers. These platforms provide analytics for campaign tracking, influencer discovery tools, and ROI measurement capabilities. They cater to businesses of all sizes, facilitating effective influencer partnerships that … Read more

Why The Best Influencers Aren’t Only on Instagram

Why The Best Influencers Aren't Only on Instagram - Sachs Marketing Group

How many sponsored ads did you see the last time you scrolled your Facebook or Instagram feed? Quite a few, I’m sure. Now, more than ever, I’m seeing brands partner with celebrity “influencers” as they work to create a new sense of brand awareness. But here’s the thing: influencers come in all shapes and sizes. … Read more

9 Obsolete Influencer Marketing Practices to Avoid in 2019

9 Obsolete Influencer Marketing Practices to Avoid in 2019 - Sachs Marketing Group

Influencers spend a lot of time building an authentic voice that followers can connect with and relate to. The public views them as trustworthy sources of information. These influencers have built reputations for honesty and accuracy in reviewing products and services. It’s very “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” – so to speak. … Read more

Is Facebook the Next Best Zone for Influencers to Make Money?

Influencers: Facebook the Next Best Zone - Sachs Marketing Group

  We spent the last year telling you that Instagram is the biggest up-and-coming platform, both for regular businesses and for influencer marketers. Now, we’re about to turn that advice on its head and suggest that Facebook may be a serious contender for second place by the end of the year. Facebook officially launched a … Read more

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