Memes 101: How Marketers Can Use Them

Memes 101: How Marketers Can Use Them - Sachs Marketing Group

Memes have taken over social media. Surely, you’re familiar with these short static images, videos or GIFs that depict humorous and relatable content, then spread across the internet like wildfire. People love them. That’s why you should be using them in your online marketing. They’re relatively easy to create and have the potential to really take off. It’s not unusual for a meme to go viral. Meme marketing offers a host of other benefits. Keep reading to learn more about meme marketing, how it works and why you should be using it for your brand.

Benefits of Meme Marketing

The average person spends about two hours a day using social media. Meme sharing has become an ingrained part of online culture. They’re easily recognizable and can be easily modified with your own brand content in a way that makes them appealing. People will want to share them if they find them humorous and relatable. They can provide significant social validation for your business and serve as a kind of word of mouth marketing that works.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money or even time when it comes to creating memes. Half the work is done for you. The key to memes is that they’re so easily recognizable. You have a foundation with an image, video or GIF. You just have to add your brand’s unique touch. Your company can save a lot of money and time by using memes without sacrificing results.

Memes are a great way to engage with your audience. They create a sense of community within your following. People can relate to them and enjoy sharing them with their friends. They also give you brand recognition. People will feel a connection to your brand and will find you more approachable.

A goal of digital marketing is to have your message seen by your target demographic. Memes are a strategic way of doing that. They’re part of the cultural landscape and people naturally relate to them. Memes are meant to be shared, by definition. So it just makes sense to use them in your marketing. Plus, when people share your memes, they are acting as brand advocates and essentially standing behind your product. It shows they like what you have to offer.

Finally, memes give your brand a face. They make you seem more real and invite people to connect with you. These things are essential to building relationships and trust, which are key to online marketing. People will remember your brand and what you stand for when they see your content in the future. Memes lead to brand recognition and can provide a gateway for future interactions or even purchases.

Tips for Using Memes in Marketing

One tricky thing about using memes in your marketing is making sure they adhere to your brand voice. You want them to flow seamlessly with the rest of your content and to be recognizable among your fans. Another issue to consider is maintaining your brand’s values and avoiding offense. Memes are part of the cultural landscape and rely on humor. It’s important to keep in mind that what individuals find funny can vary greatly.

Take time to research current popular memes in order to get a feel for what’s out there and which are commonly accepted. Being edgy and making a statement is absolutely acceptable and is an inherent part of using memes. It’s good to set yourself apart from competitors and to show your brand’s personality. Be sure to take time to research your target demographic and know your desired audience. Those are the people you most want to reach and avoid offending.

Creating memes doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can repurpose existing ones. Sites like Giphy or imgflip provide meme templates you can use and modify for free. Just check out their libraries, find the ones that appeal to you or that seem to fit your brand and then add your own captions or alterations.

You can also create your own original memes. If done right, these have a higher chance of being shared for their creativity and novelty. You can find stock images or make your own GIFs, then add commentary or modify the graphics. You can even ask permission from your fans to use their images, particularly ones that include your company’s products. User generated content is often a hit.

There are lots of ways to make your memes relevant and relatable to your audience. Pay attention to current events and holidays, then incorporate them into your content. You can even create your own brand-specific events or hashtags, using those to promote your brand in a completely unique fashion. Pay attention to meme challenges that are happening on various social media platforms. These can be a fun way to get in on a current trend. The trick is to be authentic to your brand, reach your audience on a level they appreciate and incorporate humor in a way that makes people want to share it with others.

Memes are continuing to grow in popularity. They truly are embedded in the social fabric of our culture. Using them in your online marketing offers your company numerous benefits. Chances are, they should become a regular part of your marketing strategy. Consider your brand image and voice. Then find ways to incorporate them that fit.

These visual, fun and relatable images are far more shareable than blog posts or sales graphics. They invoke emotion, which prompts shares. Even if your memes don’t become viral hits, they can still be incredibly effective ways to increase your brand’s visibility, enhance community, engage users and gain new followers.

Don’t be afraid to be original and to make a statement with your meme marketing. That’s what creates a buzz. Just be sure to take the time to reflect upon your content. You want to be able to stand behind its message and feel confident it is worthy of your audience. Have fun with it!

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