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Guide to Creating Native LinkedIn Video Content - Sachs Marketing Group

LinkedIn is one of the last platforms to add support for uploading videos. Video marketing has a remarkable return on investment, and with the addition of native video, now those in the B2B space have an even better shot at using LinkedIn. Though the rollout has begun, if you don’t have the ability to upload video directly to LinkedIn yet, you can expect it to be available to all users by the end of Q3 2017.

Before now, users have only been able to share video that’s hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo. Many users have been sharing their YouTube videos for years, but have learned the native video gets far more engagement. We also saw this when Facebook introduced native video – Facebook’s algorithm always gives priority to video directly uploaded to the platform, rather than a link to a video native to another platform.

Find out how video will impact advertisers and business owners, and how to make use of video on LinkedIn.


Native Video vs. Shared Video Links

Right now, video can only be uploaded natively via personal profiles. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to improve your business there. Not only can you expect more engagement from video compared to sharing a link to a YouTube video, you can start including LinkedIn as part of your overall video marketing strategy – customizing video specifically for the platform.

To share a native video on LinkedIn, you’ll need to have the LinkedIn app installed on your mobile device. In the share box on the app’s home screen, tap the video camera icon.

From the next screen, you can either choose to record a video, which will then be saved to your camera roll automatically, or choose a previously recorded video from your camera roll.

Native videos must be at least three seconds in length, but cannot exceed 10 minutes. The file size cannot be any larger than 5 GB. Though you can go up to 10 minutes, it’s a good idea to limit your videos to around three minutes. This keeps the file size smaller, but helps to better accommodate people’s shorter attention spans.

Add up to 700 characters to your update that describes the video. Use some of the talking points of your video, so people are motivated to watch. You could include the basic how-to steps you’ll cover in the video, or write a small update with a link to a blog post or LinkedIn Publisher post.

If you don’t like the idea of typing all of the description out on your mobile device – and I don’t blame you there – you could always type it out in an email or cloud-based service like Google Docs, and then open it from your phone to copy and paste.

When you write the update, remember you can still tag people and ad links and hashtags just as if it were a normal update.

When you’re finished, just tap “Post” like you would for any other update. If you’re an Android user, you’re in luck because you can exit the app to do other things while your video is uploading. If you are an iPhone user, though, you must stay in the app until it is finished.

Your video will automatically play in the LinkedIn feed, but will be muted as it does. People will have to unmute the audio to listen to it.

After it has been uploaded, you can add the native video link to your profile with the mobile app. Just click the three dots icon at the top right of your profile and choose “Copy Link to Post.”

From there, go into your profile settings, edit your intro section, and upload the video to Media. You’re also able to add the video link to any media section, or share the video link on Facebook.

If you want to add the video to Publisher, take screenshot of the video, copy the video link, and then link the screenshot to the video.


What Native Video on LinkedIn Means for Your Business

It doesn’t matter that video is only available to personal profiles. You can have anyone in your company – even your CEO start creating and uploading videos. Then, you can encourage your employees to share the videos.

If we look to the success of Facebook video as an indicator, there’s no reason not to expect LinkedIn video to have the same kind of results. Native Facebook video gets 10x more shares than linked video from YouTube.

Publishers will have access to traditional video metrics such as demographics and viewership, but they will also get access to new information about their viewers, including the companies they work for and their job titles. This information can add to the data you use to develop marketing strategy and campaigns, to improve targeting and return on investment.

Research from Business Insider shows LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform. This translates to higher trust with our audience, so you have a wonderful opportunity to reach people with your content in the place they’re most likely to trust what you’re saying.


Ways to Use LinkedIn’s Native Video for Your Business

If you don’t have native video on LinkedIn yet, you will soon. Here’s how you can get ready for it.

Start with a video that introduces your company. Add service-specific videos. Include video testimonials from clients. (Be sure to get a video release form so you’re allowed to use it in your marketing materials. Talk to a lawyer or your legal team for more information. Because I’m not a lawyer, I can’t give you legal advice.) Create how-to videos to go along with blog posts. Record some recruitment videos to have on hand when you need them.

Look through the video marketing materials you already have, and see what you can do to use the footage to make videos specifically for LinkedIn. There’s nothing that says you can’t make all your marketing assets do double, or even triple duty for you.


If You’re Marketing on LinkedIn – Add Video

There are many niches where LinkedIn marketing isn’t the best approach, but if you’re already using LinkedIn because you know your audience is there, there’s no reason not to add video to your strategy. You should be on LinkedIn if you’re in the B2B space, targeting professionals or commercial clients, or looking to hire someone.

Are you excited to be able to add LinkedIn to your video marketing strategy without having to rely on linked videos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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