Why Should You Work With An SEO Agency?

Why Should You Work With An SEO Agency? | Sachs Marketing Group

When it comes to determining and implementing an SEO strategy for your business, many aspects will likely come into play. The main decision you will first need to make is whether you will manage your SEO campaign in-house or contract out to an SEO agency. For most small or new businesses, cost will be a driving factor for this decision. Search engine optimization is no quick process – it is a slow, building activity that will see return and progress over time.


While fronting the funds for an SEO campaign may seem daunting, it is the first thing you’ll probably need to consider. If you are to hire an in-house expert (or team of experts), you’l need to look into providing competitive salaries for the employees. If you take the agency approach, most agencies create SEO packages for every budget. These packages can be scaled as you grow; meaning, if you only have a small amount of funding to use in the beginning, your campaign can start small and grow larger as funding becomes available. Depending on the range of services and current needs, you can personalize your SEO package.


Contracting out to an agency means that you will get the expertise of a team of professionals. Content writers, SEO strategists, social media marketers, graphic designers, programmers, and others work together on your campaign, essentially being the most efficient option for you. An in-house SEO generalist will likely need to wear many hats and shift gears constantly, making their work potentially less efficient.

Although one option may make more sense than the other for specific companies, working with an agency likely provides the most bang for your buck. The type of very professional, efficient work that we’ve come to expect from an agency will help to get your SEO strategy up and running.

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