Meet The Team


Eric Sachs
SEO Expert - Founder & CEO
Tiffany Anderson
Office Manager
Abigail Larsen
Project Manager
Samantha ‘Missy’ Elliot
SEO Manager
Kaylee Sachs
Social Media Manager


SEO Team

Chris Rice
SEO - Account Executive
Allie Burgess
SEO - Account Executive
Chris Kurtenbach
SEO - Senior Account Executive
Kelli Chu
SEO - Junior Account Executive
Laura Nutter
SEO - Junior Account Executive


Social Media Team

Madison McGray
Social Media - Senior Account Executive
Megan Lenko
Social Media - Account Executive
Rigoberto Flores
Social Media - Junior Account Executive
Anthony Andrade
Social Media - Junior Account Executive


Google Ads

Tyson Crandall
Google Ads Specialist
Chris Spohr
Junior Account Executive



Halli Steinberg
Reporting Coordinator
Faina Dreytser
UX/Visual Designer
Dan Smarg
Social Media - Content Development


Past Employees

Sachs Marketing Group acknowledges that “employment is not forever.” We place great value on our team members, both existing and past. While the majority of team members have decided on a permanent career at SMG, we are still very proud of our past employees who have decided to move-on to other opportunities. The knowledge and skill-sets they have developed during their time with us has offered them the opportunity to use SMG as a springboard to launch them into the next step in their lives. We thank them for their dedication and service and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

Kirby Freund
Hayley Sherman
Lindsay Meade
Ashley Miller
Disa Defrese
Brian Lacy
Kevin Brenden
SEO - Account Executive
Kyle Meissner
Lead Outreach Coordinator
Stephanie Geske