Cashier’s Check Scam – Craigslist Scam

People sending fake cashier’s checks – Sachs Marketing Group on Click-N-Ship Labels

Hi.  I’m Eric Sachs – CEO @Sachs Marketing Group.  I wanted to write this post as a PSA to inform our audience about a cashier’s check scam that’s been happening recently.  Someone (or perhaps multiple people) are attempting to scam unsuspecting people by sending fake cashier’s checks in the mail and then somehow, hoping to profit by enticing the victim(s) to deposit the checks and send the bad guys money!  The reason I’m writing about it is because for some reason, this person (or persons) have decided to use our company name and address on the return address USPS label:

Fake USPS Shipping Label

Information About The Scam

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been contacted by four, separate victims who were nice enough to bring this to our attention.

One victim (we will call him Joe)  had attempted to sell an item on Letgo.  He was contacted by a person (the suspect) and they agreed on a sale price of approximately $300.  The suspect sent a fake cashier’s check to Joe for much more than the agreed upon sales price – $1,300.00.  The check was sent to Joe in a FedEx envelope and our company (Sachs Marketing Group) was listed on the USPS shipping label as the “sender.”

Another victim (let’s call her Janet) had answered a “Gigs Offered” ad on Craigslist.  The suspect agreed to “hire” Janet to do some research on the web in exchange for $250/week.  The suspect gave Janet a list of tasks – things like looking up information on farm animals, types of feed and anticipated yield of meat at slaughter.  After a week, the suspect sent Janet a cashier’s check for $1,300 – much more than their agreed upon $250 for the week.  Sachs Marketing Group was listed as the “sender” of the package and our name and address were printed on the USPS “Click-N-Ship” label.  Janet attempted to cash the check and was informed by the bank that it was a fake check.

In this most recent incident, we actually received another “Click-N-Ship” package at our office – “Return to Sender.”  The package contained another fake cashier’s check from CITI.  The amount on the check was $2,850.00.  I don’t know the back story for this check but it is clear that the delivery was refused by the intended recipient.  Sachs Marketing Group was listed as the return address.


Fake CITI Cashier's check

Using Sachs Marketing Group to add legitimacy

It seems as though someone (or several people) have decided to use our company name in an attempt to legitimize their scam.  Perhaps they feel if the checks are being sent from a well-established business, it will lend credibility in the eyes of the intended victims.  We have attempted to report each of these incidents to the authorities.  We contacted the US Postal Inspector as well as the Postmaster General.  We were told that the suspect(s) are printing fake USPS labels using photo editing software and because the tracking numbers are fake, there’s nothing they can do.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where people attempt to take advantage of others in this way.

How You Can Help

If you or anyone you know has received a fake cashier’s check sent from Sachs Marketing Group, please use the comments section below to tell your story.  Please also share this post on your social media channels.  Help us to get the word out about this with the hopes that fewer people will fall victim to this scam.

Thank you.