Ads for IGTV Are Coming

Instagram is promoting IGTV videos in its main feed in an attempt to increase popularity among advertisers and influencers. IGTV is Instagram’s foray into long-form vertical video content on mobile devices. It launched last summer and was the first major update to the platform since Instagram stories was released in 2016. It helps to move … Continued

How to Get Approved for Instagram Shopping and Product Tags

If you are in the e-commerce space and you want to take full advantage of Instagram, you need to apply for Instagram shopping and product tagging. However, if you don’t do things the correct way you could find your application has been denied. If you have been denied for Instagram Shopping and product tagging in … Continued

Ways to Humanize Your Instagram Business Account

Humanizing your brand is an essential part of building awareness and loyalty. Giving your brand personality makes it easier for people to relate to you – and they are easier to remember and identify. Customers are more loyal and feel they trust a brand with a personality. Brand personalities teach customers how they should use … Continued

Study: What 100 Social Media Followers are Worth

When it comes to the social web, platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram command billions of eyeballs every year. This makes the channels too big to ignore, so you have no choice but to participate in them to avoid missing out on revenue and traffic. That brings the question how much time and money should … Continued

7 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks with more than one billion monthly users. If you are in the ecommerce niche, it can be a great source of traffic and sales for you. There’s just one problem. The only place to include a clickable link on your Instagram profile is in your … Continued

6 Ways to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Social media can be a beast at times and leave you and your team frustrated. There are some methods that work for one group and others that work for another. Sometimes, you just have to experiment and take notes on what works and what doesn’t. But what if you’re stuck on where to start? Take … Continued

Are the Days of the Plandid Over?

In the early days of Instagram, one quick look through your feed revealed a ton of seemingly meticulous photos – of people who looked “natural.” This concept is known as the plandid – or the planned candid. Planning the shots ahead of time ensures influencers get the type of image they’re looking for – one … Continued

Instagram to Hide Like Counts on Photos

Instagram has made plans to stop showing how many people have liked users posts. Posters will still be able to see when someone likes their posts, and clicking through will show them everyone who has done so. Only the poster will be able to see the like count – other users will not. This is … Continued

Preparing for Instagram’s New Local Business Profile Pages

In March, word of Business Pages rolling out on Instagram started making its way around the internet. Though we’re nowhere near an official release, if you want to be among the first businesses on Instagram to take advantage of this feature once it’s fully available to the public, it’s time to do some prep work. … Continued

Lush UK Quits Social Media

Earlier this month, cosmetics brand Lush, announced on social media that they are quitting social media. (Ironic, right?) Lush is a global brand known for their bath bombs, body care products, and makeup. The social media boycott applies only to the UK division, as Lush North America has announced it will continue to be active … Continued

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Instagram Hashtags for High Engagement

Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, with more than 500 million of them using the platform every day. In terms of social networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more logging in. What’s more important for businesses, however, is the fact that 60% of those users turn to Instagram to find new products. … Continued

IGTV or Instagram Live? Here’s How to Pick

Video is the lifeblood of the Internet. It fuels our entertainment, lets us advertise products, and even has the potential to teach, inspire, and change the world. Now, even Instagram is getting into the game and letting people record longer clips. Instagram actually has one of the most robust video platforms on the market (aside … Continued

Here’s How Instagram’s New Algorithms Functions

Instagram is changing – okay, that’s not really a new phenomenon, really. The platform evolves every few months much like Facebook, changing back end coding here and there to hopefully produce better results for users and advertisers. The most recent changes, however, are a bit more involved. Essentially, Instagram is changing how their feed works. … Continued

How to Create Instagram-Worthy Photos to Grow Your Account

Taking fantastic pictures is, in fact, an art form (hello, photographers!) that goes far beyond even the standard photography basics. In today’s social media-soaked world, you need to go over and above by flexing your post-processing and photography skills to create an image that truly shines. On no other social media platform is this more … Continued

13 Ways to Improve Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, reaching more than 400 million users in less than five years after the launch. That’s more than Twitter and Snapchat. Now that the Instagram  advertising platform is available for everyone, it’s a particularly useful way to connect with potential customers – especially Millennials – and grow … Continued