Ads for IGTV Are Coming

IGTV Ads Are Coming

IGTV ads are a monetization feature on Instagram, allowing creators to earn revenue by including short advertisements in their IGTV (Instagram TV) videos. These ads, typically lasting up to 15 seconds, are inserted at natural breaks in content, offering brands a new avenue to reach audiences. This feature not only benefits advertisers with increased visibility … Read more

How to Get Approved for Instagram Shopping and Product Tags

How to Get Approved for Instagram Shopping and Product Tags - Sachs Marketing Group

If you are in the e-commerce space and want to take full advantage of Instagram, you must apply for Instagram shopping and product tagging. However, if you don’t do things correctly, you could find your application has been denied. If you have been denied for Instagram Shopping and product tagging in the past, follow these … Read more

IGTV or Instagram Live? Here’s How to Pick

IGTV or Instagram Live? Here's How to Pick - Sachs Marketing Group

Video is the lifeblood of the Internet. It fuels our entertainment, lets us advertise products, and even has the potential to teach, inspire, and change the world. Now, even Instagram is getting into the game and letting people record longer clips. Instagram actually has one of the most robust video platforms on the market (aside … Read more

13 Ways to Improve Instagram Advertising

13 Ways to Improve Instagram Advertising - Sachs Marketing Group

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, reaching more than 400 million users in less than five years after the launch. That’s more than Twitter and Snapchat. Now that the Instagram  advertising platform is available for everyone, it’s a particularly useful way to connect with potential customers – especially Millennials – and grow … Read more

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