Google’s June 2021 Core Update

Google June 2021 Core Update - Sachs Marketing Group

Google released a new core update earlier this month and has uncharacteristically announced a second update following very closely next month. Google core updates tend to be spaced several months apart, but a statement from Google Search public liaison Danny Sullivan clarified that they originally planned on releasing a single, larger update this month, and … Read more

Google’s September 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Google's September 2019 Core Algorithm Update - Sachs Marketing Group

Google’s September 2019 core algorithm update aimed to improve the overall quality of search results. Focusing on content relevance and user intent, this update impacted website rankings across various industries. Websites with high-quality, relevant content saw improvements, while those with thin or irrelevant content experienced drops. The update underscored the importance of continually optimizing websites … Read more

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