Types of Content Marketing You Need

Content Marketing Types You Need - Sachs Marketing Group

There are several types of content marketing you need to effectively align your brand with your customers. These include blog posts for thought leadership, videos for engagement, infographics for easy information digest, and case studies to showcase success. Email newsletters maintain regular communication with audiences. Interactive content like quizzes and polls boost engagement, while e-books … Read more

Guest Blogging vs Outreach: What’s Better for Your Backlinking Strategy?

Guest Blogging vs Outreach: Backlink Strategy - Sachs Marketing Group

Both guest blogging and blogger/influencer outreach help to increase exposure for your business. These tactics can help you go beyond search engine optimization and social media to help you reach a broader audience, taking advantage of audiences others have already built. Both, however, rely on developing relationships with other bloggers in your industry, which take … Read more

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