Sachs Marketing Group Donates Website for the Grossman Burn Foundation

Expect Your Heart to Open  – Like Ours Did

The Grossman Burn Foundation (GBF), established in 2007, is a charitable organization working to create great change around the globe. Its programs, such as Project Faith and the Stop Violence Against Women Globally Campaign, are spreading medical care, preventative education, and resources to those who need it worldwide.

But that’s not all. GBF is the philanthropic arm of the Grossman Burn Centers, a medical treatment center that has radically transformed the lives of young children, men and women who have suffered severe burns. They are an internationally recognized burn center providing reconstructive surgery and transforming disfigured bodies and faces back into beauty and attractiveness. For instance, their first burn patient, Faith Wanjugo of Kenya (whom Project Faith is named after) went to a local clinic after her face, neck, arms, and chest caught fire from an explosion. The Kenyan clinic was not able to provide her with medical care because she wasn’t able to pay for treatment. To make matters worse, her village treated her like an outcast and Faith fell into a depression.

When the Grossman Burn Foundation learned about Faith’s circumstances, they flew her to Los Angeles. They treated her with eight major surgeries, scar treatments, medical tattooing, and various forms of therapy; and her life was radically changed. Not only was she physically transformed; she was also emotionally healed.

After Faith, many other success stories followed. The Grossman Burn Foundation has provided similar services to burn survivors in the United States, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, and Nepal. You can read these heroic stories on their site and…expect to be moved. Expect your heart to open.

You see, that’s what happened with us. Sachs Marketing Group couldn’t help but donate to an organization creating such waves of global care. We not only wanted to support the Grossman Burn Centers’ work in treating and transforming lives; we wanted to facilitate their philanthropic efforts. The Stop Violence Against Women Globally Campaign have supported and treated dozens of victims of gender-based violence. The Senior Burn Prevention Education offers free burn prevention presentations to the elderly. And their SoCal Survivors program is a support group for burn survivors living in Southern California.

Because of their philanthropy, we wanted others to love them too. We wanted to help spread the word about who they are and what they do by donating our services. By building their new home on the web free of charge, we hope to support their mission.

We’re confident that those who learn about GBF will be moved emotionally…like we were. We’re sure your life will be touched too.

Check out their new website here:

By:  Eric Sachs – Director, Sachs Marketing Group

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