Sachs Marketing Group Awarded Top Local SEO Company for Month of October 2014, an independent authority on search vendors, has just released the results of the best local search marketing companies for October 2014. Sachs Marketing Group is proud to be named ninth best local SEO company for the month of October! TopSEOs explained that Sachs Marketing Group was selected among many competitors “due to their remarkable performance in the genuine evaluation process.” releases a rankings report each month, evaluating thousands of companies within the internet marketing realm.  “The process for analyzing and declaring the top services offering local search engine optimization solutions involves a meticulous evaluation of their key strengths. The five verticals of evaluation associated with successful local search engine optimization projects include keyword selection, needs analysis, optimization, localization, and reporting. The results of this process are used to identify which companies to include within the ratings each month. The ratings are updated monthly to account for the latest developments within the industry.”

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Local SEO is a complex field fraught with unique challenges, making it imperative for businesses to seek the expertise of a specialized SEO company. The primary challenge lies in achieving high visibility in local search results amidst stiff competition. Local businesses often have to compete not only with each other but also with larger national brands that have a local footprint. This situation demands a highly strategic approach to SEO that can help a business effectively stand out.

Another significant challenge in local SEO is the ever-changing landscape of search engine algorithms. Google, in particular, regularly updates its algorithms, impacting how local search results are ranked and displayed. Keeping up with these changes and understanding their implications is vital for maintaining online visibility. Additionally, managing local listings and reviews is both crucial and challenging. Consistency in business information across various directories and the management of customer reviews can be a daunting task, yet they play a critical role in local SEO success.

Local SEO also requires a deep understanding of the local market, including knowledge of local search trends, customer behaviors, and preferences. Creating content that is not only SEO-optimized but also resonates with a local audience requires a nuanced approach.

This is where the role of an award-winning local SEO company becomes crucial. Such a company brings a wealth of experience and expertise in tackling the intricacies of local SEO. They have the tools and knowledge necessary for effective market analysis, identifying the right local keywords, and optimizing a website and its content for local audiences. Additionally, they are skilled in managing and improving online reputations, a key element of local SEO, through meticulous handling of customer reviews and local backlinks.

An experienced local SEO company also offers customized strategies that align with the unique needs and goals of a business while considering the specificities of the local market. They stay abreast of the latest trends and changes in SEO, ensuring that the strategies they implement are both effective and current. With their ability to monitor, analyze, and adjust strategies based on ongoing data, such companies play a pivotal role in enhancing a business’s local online presence and driving growth in their local markets.

In conclusion, the challenges of local SEO are numerous and complex, but they can be efficiently addressed with the expertise of a renowned local SEO company. This partnership can lead to improved local search rankings, a robust online presence, and ultimately, the growth and success of the business in the local marketplace.




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