Sachs Marketing Group Awarded Top Local SEO Company for Month of July 2014, an independent authority on vendors who supply internet marketing products and services, just released their rankings report on the top 100 local SEO agencies for the month of July 2014. It is with great honor and excitement to announce that Sachs Marketing Group has been named the ninth best local SEO company!

Every month, releases a rankings report in an effort to assist clients in selecting reputable search engine marketing services. “These agencies are analyzed through a thorough evaluation process to identify which firms to showcase in the recommendations. While there are thousands of local SEO firms, the recommendations are comprised of the absolute best the online marketing industry has to offer. Our independent research team analyzes the competing firms across five areas of evaluation in order to identify their overall level of competency in areas including needs analysis, reporting, localization, optimization, and keyword selection.”

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To view the report for rankings of the best local SEO services in July 2014, click here >>

Navigating the complexities of local SEO is challenging for businesses, emphasizing the need for an expert local SEO company. Key challenges include standing out in competitive local search results and adapting to frequent changes in search engine algorithms. Managing accurate local listings and customer reviews is also crucial but can be demanding.

An award-winning local SEO company brings specialized expertise in these areas. They understand how to target and optimize for local search trends and customer behaviors, crucial for increasing visibility in local search results. Their experience in managing online reputations through customer reviews and local backlinks is invaluable for maintaining a strong local SEO presence.

Such companies offer tailored strategies that align with a business’s specific needs and local market dynamics. They stay updated with the latest SEO practices and algorithm changes, ensuring their strategies are effective and relevant. Partnering with a skilled local SEO company can significantly enhance a business’s online presence in their local market, leading to increased visibility and growth.

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