Top Los Angeles SEO Firms… Clutch Names Sachs Marketing Group Again!

Clutch named Sachs Marketing Group one of the Top Los Angeles SEO firms of 2017. If you’re new to reading the blog, we were also given that distinction three times in 2016. Clutch offers a leading online directory of SEO, digital marketing, and web development firms, aimed at helping those who need help with their digital marketing efforts only work with the best of the best.

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What We Did to Earn This Recognition

As a top Los Angeles SEO company, we earned this recognition by showing clients our strategic and technical expertise as we helped them improve their online visibility. We’re a team of strategists, content writers, graphic designers, web designers and developers, and together, we create plans to elevate small businesses.

“Strong agencies and developers are essential business partners in an increasingly web-based world,” said Sara Philibotte, Business Analyst at Clutch. “These companies have demonstrated excellence in their service areas and have been consistently praised by clients, earning them a top place in this report.”

We wouldn’t have earned our spot on the Top Los Angeles SEO companies list unless we were not only good at what we do, but focused on providing great service to our clients to keep them happy.

One client, who assists with contract reviews and filing complaints related to grammar fraud had this to say about working with us:

“Sachs Marketing Group assisted by developing a website to do exactly what we needed to accomplish. They were extremely timely and assisted greatly with the design and feel of the site. The project lasted about 2 weeks.

I was familiar with the founder of Sachs Marketing Group from a past job. I trusted him and knew of their reputation management expertise. I also wanted to work with them because of their speed of delivery.

SMG was incredible at all tasks related to the development of our website. They were incredibly responsive to all email requests. All of my emails were returned within minutes, even on weekends!”

Another client, a local dog breeder, said:

“As far as overall effectiveness, in the last year our net sales have gone up 60 percent. The first six to nine months we saw an 80 to 95 percent increase in traffic to the website. The last six months we haven’t seen that much growth in traffic, but it is more focused. Our bounce rate is down and our lead conversion rates continue to increase, even though the traffic has sort of peaked.

Working with Eric and everybody over there at Sachs Marketing has been an absolute joy. They respond very quickly, and they’re wonderful with what they do. I don’t pretend to understand even half of what they do over there, but that’s the joy of having someone that’s good at their job. I don’t need to know what they do, I just get to see the results.”

We’ve been operating as a Los Angles SEO company since 2010. Over the last seven years, we’ve crafted a number of marketing plans for a variety of clients in entertainment, healthcare, insurance, drug and alcohol rehab, law, and other industries. It’s only because we’ve been able to provide impressive results that our business has continued to grow and receive recognition from research firms like Clutch.

If you want to grow your business through digital marketing, like SEO, check out our Los Angeles digital marketing agency.

Who is Clutch?

Clutch is a business-to-business (B2B) market research firm based out of Washington, D.C. They use a proprietary research method to evaluate digital marketing firms all around the world. Clutch’s methodology focuses on client reviews on their website, which are third-party verified to ensure the agencies on the list actually completed the work. Clutch also considers each Los Angeles SEO agency’s ability to deliver and its focus on SEO services, and includes one-on-one interviews with clients as part of their process.

Thanks again to the team at Clutch! You can read the full report over at Clutch, and take a look at our profile here.

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