Simply put – We’ve never had a charge-back. That is, we’ve never had a client dispute a credit card charge. Doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider the fact that the vast majority of SEO companies routinely charge-back between 8% and 23% of their total monthly volume!

Here’s why:

The standard SEO company’s business model

  • Use a call center to contact and acquire clients
  • Promise a 90-day guarantee.  Tell the new clients that they will have page 1 search rankings in just 90 days
  • Have the new client sign a contract with fine print that states that SEO is a continually changing environment and results are not guaranteed
  • Outsource the SEO work to India, Pakistan or the Philippines where SEO work is dirt cheap and of extremely inconsistent, unpredictable quality
  • Expect that clients will cancel after 90 days when they don’t achieve results (an anticipated percentage of attrition is built-in to the standard business model)
  • Expect an “acceptable” level of charge-backs when clients are unhappy (approximately 120 days into their contracts)
  • Replace lost clients with new ones
  • Rinse and repeat

This is the business model of literally 90% of SEO companies.  It’s really unfortunate and has given SEO a very bad name.  It’s a waste of time and money.  This is ABSOLUTELY NOT our business model.

The Sachs Marketing Group business model

  • Conduct a thorough SEO analytic review of a your market, website and web presence
  • Gain a clear understanding of your target market
  • Set very realistic goals and expectations
  • Do all of the Internet marketing work in-house; never outsource
  • Build relationships with hundreds of other websites in similar markets for collaborative, mutually beneficial efforts
  • Generate high-quality web content written by native English speakers with an exceptional command of the English language
  • Be completely transparent in terms of our daily work flow and show our processes to you
  • Keep in constant contact with you and provide progress reports regularly
  • Become intimately involved with your conversions (sales) and maintain a vested interest in your online success
  • Retain our clients (our first client who came to us in early 2010 is still with us today).  We have NO CONTRACTS with any of our clients and yet, they stay with us long term

The results – No credit card charge-backs and happy clients who enjoy an increased return on their marketing investment (ROI) as a direct result of our efforts!

Sachs Marketing Group - Digital Marketing Agency

Sound too good to be true?  Here is the name and phone number of our merchant account provider.  If you wish, please
feel free to contact them directly. 
We have authorized them to share our charge-back track record with anyone who asks.

Transition Services

David Leppek – CEO
(888) 933-8797

In Feb, 2017 we were awarded the "2017 Card Member Favorite" award from American Express.  This award was presented to
Sachs Marketing Group because we've never had a
customer dispute or charge-back on an American Express charge.


We are not the only SEO company out there, but we continually strive to be the best!

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