Online marketing is changing. Up to 90% of American users ignore digital ads. Another 30 percent admit to installing ad blockers to intentionally avoid branded messages in the first place. This results in a nearly 40 percent revenue loss for marketers.

It isn’t that audiences don’t want to engage – it’s that they’re forced to engage too often. Ad oversaturation means that important marketing messages get lost in a sea of similar background noise. Users simply start to tune out.

Influencer marketing changes everything. By working with someone who already has influence over your customers, you increase brand awareness, boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and develop long-term loyalty and trust. It also empowers your brand’s ability to cut through the “noise” and connect on a more authentic level.


Over 90% of all marketers now believe influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to get branded messages out. With most research supporting a potential ROI of up to 18 times your investment, it’s easy to see why. Those who overlook this incredible opportunity not only miss out, but also fall behind.

Whether you handle your marketing in-house, or you solely work with outside agencies, it is vital to get influencer campaigns right. This includes finding the right influencer to help you achieve your goals and structuring an effective campaign.

At Sachs Marketing Group, we start where it matters most: listening as you tell us what you want to achieve. Then, we search our database of influencers to find the best fit for your product or service. Once the right fit is identified, SMG manages all influencer communication, helping the individual create effective content. You receive regular reports that reveal how successful the campaign is at every milestone.


Are you an influencer, blogger, actor, musician, or artist who wants to grow your influence on social media? SMG wants you to succeed, too. We can help you make money through sponsored posts, build trust with your audience, optimize your content, and improve your reach. Take your career to the next level with us!

SMG offers full campaign management to let you focus on what matters most: your ability to create great content and connect with your audience. We can also help you search for and develop brand partnerships with the best and brightest companies across virtually any industry. Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed.

Whether you’re starting out small with a simple talent, or you already have a significant following, we want to be a part of your success story. We can also help with content creation, account growth, optimization, and so much more. The potential for making money is really only the beginning – there’s a brighter future waiting.



If you're an INFLUENCER, BLOGGER, ACTOR, MUSICIAN, etc, looking to grow your influence on Social Media, here's what SMG can do for you...

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