Internal Forms

Below are links to all forms used internally by the SMG team. Please note the categories/use case for each.


New Client Deliverables

Outlines campaign deliverables/scope for new client or new service
Deliverables Form

Client Campaign Update

Add/remove/alter services or cancel a clients' campaign
Client Campaign Update Form

Proposal Request

Request proposal creation for potential client
Proposal Request Form

Eric Sachs Calendar

Eric's Acuity calendar
Eric's Calendar

Campaign Strategy Meeting

Request for internal campaign strategy meeting
Campaign Strategy Request


Scope Change Request

Notice of client request to alter/broaden scope of marketing campaign
Scope Change Form

SEO Kick-Off Form

Form to be completed by assigned AE using notes collected during the call. Also used when there is no AE assigned to the account and will be sent directly to client to complete.
SEO Kick-Off Form

Equipment / Software Request

Form to request equipment or software needed
Equipment / Software Request Form

Client Success Meeting Checklist

Form to be used on a monthly basis for all existing client accounts.
Client Success Meeting Checklist


Google Ads Questionnaire

Google Ads Team: collect info from client for Google Ads campaign
Google Ads Questionnaire

Re-Branding Questionnaire

Project Manager: form for client engaging in logo/re-branding project
Re-Branding Questionnaire

Content Creation

Project Manager: detailed form for client to outline content needs
Client Content Creation

Eric Graphic Request

Eric: specialty graphics requested by Eric
Eric Graphic Request Form

SMG Blog Topic Suggestion

Any SMG team member can submit topic suggestions for SMG blog content
Blog Topic Suggestion Form

SMG Social Media Topic Suggestion Form

Any SMG team member can submit topic suggestions for SMG social media topic
Social Media Topic Suggestion Form

Special Requests

Special Request Form

Official Report Template Changes

Official Report Template Changes Form

Web Design Questionnaire

Project Manager: form for client engaging in web design project
Web Design Questionnaire


Client Sign-Up Form

Form potential client completes to move forward with proposal
Sign-Up Form

Client Information

Form new client completes with all login info, address(es), SM accounts, keywords, and creatives
Client Info Form

Client Cancellation Survey

Client Cancellation Survey

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