Businesses in Seattle need the expertise of a Seattle SEO company to help achieve organic rankings and drive traffic to their websites. It is important that the SEO company have an understanding of the local area.

Seattle Fundamentals

Any Seattle SEO company worth talking to needs to know the fundamentals of the city, weather, and residents.

The history of Seattle is a fascinating tale of diversity and intrigue. In 1851 the Denny Party and the Collins Party established separate sites that eventually became part of the Seattle landscape. The more intriguing origin story includes that of Doc Maynard who was more of a wildcard. Even the origins of Seattle were rooted in diversity. Later, the Klondike gold rush played a huge role in the development of the city and a hidden state park showcases this beautifully.

Seattle has a reputation for being a rainy city but the rain totals aren’t all that high. The cloud cover, on the other hand, is almost constant. If your business is in Seattle, these types of details are important information your Seattle SEO company should be conscious of when creating a content strategy.

There are a few Seattle landmarks any local would be able to point out and that most visitors want to see. Number one on the list is the Space Needle but the Sky View Observatory has the best view of the city.

Does the Seattle SEO company you’ve talked to know these fundamentals?

Seattle Fun

A great Seattle SEO company will know the ins and outs of the best places to eat, play, and spend time in nature.

Seattle is consistently listed as one of the top food cities in the country – and for good reason. There are trendy restaurants scattered throughout the city that will blow you away but if you want the best burger in town, visit the Palace Kitchen which is a local favorite. If the Seattle SEO company you’re considering can’t tell you where to get a burger it might be time to try someone else.

Seattle is famous for the music scene, so it makes sense the city has phenomenal live music venues, but the city has so much more to offer. The arts community is thriving in the city with theater performances, museums, and art exhibitions. There are also festivals scattered throughout the year that celebrate the diverse cultures and interests of area residents. How much fun could the Seattle SEO company you’ve talked to have in your city?

No one can spend time in Seattle without quickly becoming aware of the remarkable natural beauty of the surrounding area. Mount Rainer is located southeast of the city and is the most famous mountain in the area but it is far from the only outdoor place to play. The city has an abundance of local parks and the Wenatchee National Forest is just east of the city.

If you’ve been looking for a Seattle SEO company to help turn your struggling website into a regional powerhouse then it’s important to know that it doesn’t take a local digital marketing agency to SEO your website. The best Seattle SEO company is the one who is willing to research and prioritize your Seattle business.

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