Another New Office for Sachs Marketing Group!

From the day we opened our doors in mid-2010, Sachs Marketing Group started to grow. Our growth came mostly by way of client referrals at first. At about 1 year into things, we decided it was probably time to do some SEO for our own website. These days, while we still get TONS of referral business, many of our new clients find us via online search. Our client retention rate is amazingly high and the overall success we’ve experienced has been nothing short of wonderful!

As we continue to be given the opportunity to be of service to more and more businesses, we’ve been fortunate enough to have hired many new and wonderful employees! As our team grew, we needed more office space. In October 2012, we moved into a beautiful, 1,500 sq. ft. office located on the border of Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks, in Los Angeles County. We spent four years in that office and continued to grow our team.

By October 2016 we had grown so much that we were literally shoulder to shoulder.  We had no more room to grow and needed to hire more people.  In November 2016 we moved into our new 5,700 sq. ft. office!  The new office is amazing.  We have individual offices for our teams, sit/stand desks, a conference and training room and even our own entrance right off the parking lot.  We recently took some pics and wanted to share them with our fans.

We are always happy to meet our prospective new clients face-to-face. If you are in need of online marketing services, please give us a call today.

Our local phone number is 818-889-3232

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