Business Results

SEO Focused on Business Results.

We believe that business results are of the variety you can deposit into your bank account.  When we talk about business results, we are referring to a return on your marketing investment.  That return may look a bit different depending on your particular business model.  If you have an e-commerce website, your business results are sales.  If you run a lead generation website, your business results are new leads.

Our clients stay with us long-term because we are in the business of delivering business results.

Ranking reports, graphs, backlinks – those are NOT business results.  Those are just some of the tools we use to help deliver the business results we are really after.

This concept is lost on many of our competitors.

There is a story of a small business owner (we will call him Ed) who hired an SEO company to help grow his online business.  They worked together for about six months.  One day, Ed called the SEO company to complain about his SEO campaign.  Ed told the SEO company that he wasn’t seeing any results from the SEO company’s efforts and wanted to cancel his contract.  The SEO company sent Ed a bunch of reports of the backlinks they had created for him.  They also sent a ranking report that showed that they had been able to improve Ed’s organic rankings for many of the keyword combinations on which they had focused.  Ed’s website’s Page Rank had even increased from a 2 to a 3 in those six short months!  By all accounts, the SEO company had done an amazing job improving Ed’s web presence.

Ed reviewed all of the reports and documentation and said simply:  “But my phone isn’t ringing and I haven’t sold anything.”  To which the SEO company replied “Ed, that’s not our job.  You pay us for SEO, and we’ve done a great job.”

Needless to say, Ed cancelled his contract.

We believe that it WAS the SEO company’s job to make Ed’s phone ring.  If they didn’t, they failed, despite the amazing organic improvement they were able to produce.

The story above is fictional but was used to illustrate our point regarding business results.  A long-term, successful Internet marketing campaign must be win-win.  If client’s are not experiencing a return on their investment, they will not stay.

Our clients stay!  At Sachs Marketing Group, our goal is to keep our clients long-term.  The way we do that is by delivering business results – period.