Meet The Team 2

Management Team:

Company Avatar

SMG Guy is our company’s online persona or “avatar.” He’s really just our CEO Eric Sachs in disguise! He has a Twitter account and regularly engages with his followers on anything SEO-related. He is the face of Sachs Marketing Group and is responsible for leveraging his audience to drive visitors back to our website via Social Networking channels. He’s becoming quite popular and even has his own video!

Web Development Team:

Web Developer - Programmer

Jose is an honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Computer Information Systems. Upon graduating, he earned the Best Senior Project award. With over 10 years of experience, his current focus has been on Web Design and Development utilizing Open source technologies. One of his recent projects included engineering a CRM tracking platform which met unique business requirements that could not be satisfied with over the counter CRM solutions. This platform tracked customer data linking SEO initiatives, PPC campaigns, and Email marketing using data visualization to make business decisions. Jose has been known to draw custom Snapchat filters, use data science to increase conversions and create responsive email templates resulting in being labeled a jack of all trades, but he prefers the term renaissance man.

Web Developer - Programer

In 2010, Shubham completed his engineering degree and then chose a career in web development. He knows CSS, HTML, PHP , ajax, jQuery, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress inside and out… in fact, he’s a WordPress ‘Ninja!’ He’s our full-time techno-geek and we are grateful to have him!

Graphic Designer

Grace is a Multimedia Arts graduate who specializes in web design and development. She also has extensive experience in photography and graphic design. She is responsible for creating awesome web design layouts for Sachs Marketing Group.

Web Developer
Web Developer

Past Employees:

Sachs Marketing Group acknowledges that “employment is not forever.” We place great value on our team members, both existing and past. While the majority of team members have decided on a permanent career at SMG, we are still very proud of our past employees who have decided to move-on to other opportunities. The knowledge and skill-sets they have developed during their time with us has offered them the opportunity to use SMG as a springboard to launch them into the next step in their lives. We thank them for their dedication and service and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

Hayley was with us for a little more than two years. She relocated away from California and is now working for Moz! Good on ya Hayley!

Lindsay left in late 2015 and relocated to another State.

Ashley left SMG in January 2015 and went back to KS to be with her family. We understand she is working two jobs now!

Disa was with SMG a little over two years. She left us in May 2016 and is now working for a local entertainment services group. Best of luck Disa!