What do you charge for your services?

SEO Development
Rather than creating pre-set packages with cute names like “Enterprise” or “Platinum,” we decided to offer the most value possible to our clients by offering optimization of their entire website and all applicable keyword combinations for one flat monthly fee.  This fee is formulated by evaluating the depth and scope of each campaign and takes into consideration market complexity, levels of competition, as well as all associated hard costs.  Please contact us directly for a formal proposal.

Social Networking Development
Our Social Networking services are billed separately and include complete creation, development and administration of all applicable social networking channels.  We engage with your social networking platforms on an on-going and regular basis.  Social Networking development services include: design, app development, coding and administration, contests, group coupons, commenting and complete social analytics.

Reputation Management
Our reputation management campaigns are priced in direct correlation with the depth and scope of the campaign.  A light campaign focused on increased online value perception, reviews and accolades would be priced at the lower end of the spectrum, while a more intensive campaign charged with “cleaning up” an already tarnished online reputation would be priced higher.

Conversion Testing and Optimization
To be done correctly, conversion testing and optimization campaigns take several weeks, are extremely labor-intensive and require a substantial financial commitment to support the various ancillary services necessary for effective evaluation, testing and implementation.  There are several factors to consider:

  • Availability of historical analytic data
  • Availability of historical conversion data
  • Level of competition
  • Existing level of market saturation, branding and name recognition

An effective conversion optimization campaign can improve profitability substantially.  If you have an appreciable amount of web traffic with sub-par conversions (sales, inbound calls, etc…), please contact us directly.  We will structure a multiphase conversion engagement tailored to your specific website, business and market.

Web Design
Our web design fees vary considerably based on the required functionality, depth, scope and complexity of each web design project.  Please contact us directly for a formal proposal based on your specific needs.

What are your payment terms?

Our work is auto-billed monthly with a credit card or ATM debit card that our billing system will keep on file in an encrypted database.  We have no long-term contracts.  You may cancel any or all of our services anytime with 10 days written notice.  We don’t think you will.

How long does it take to rank my site?

There are a TON of outside influences that impact rankings when you (or someone else) searches for your website on Google specifically:

  • If you have been to your website before, your website will show higher in the search engine result pages for Google
  • If you are signed into your Gmail account and do a Google search for your website using the same browser, your website will show higher in the search engine result pages for Google
  • If your friends on Google + have liked your website, it will show up higher in the search engine result pages for Google
  • If you search for your website from one city/state, and then search again from another city/state, your website will show up differently because Google will geo-target your IP address
  • Your search results can also be impacted by the Google location settings option

The time it takes to rank a website are also influenced by:

  • The level of competition in a given market
  • The age of a website
  • The age of a domain
  • The quality of a website
  • The quality of any SEO work that has already been done

We believe that rankings are not business results.  Leads, calls, sales – these are the indisputable markers of success!

Are you black hat or white hat?

First let’s define these terms:

“Black Hat SEO” refers to SEO efforts that directly violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines.  Paid backlinks, cloaking, spamming – essentially any online marketing efforts specifically designed to unethically manipulate the search engine result pages (SERPS) are considered “Black Hat.”

“White Hat SEO” refers to internet marketing efforts that DO NOT violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines.  High quality original content, well-structured website coding, integration with social networking platforms – these are all “White Hat” internet marketing efforts.

Sachs Marketing Group is a White Hat SEO company.  Our work ethic and product is extremely high-quality, above-board and effective.  We don’t take shortcuts.  We don’t try to cheat the system.  We do things right and our results speak for themselves.  Black Hat SEO is unnecessary because White Hat SEO efforts are so much more effective and provide long-term, sustainable results.

Do I need a ton of backlinks?

No! Well, kind of. Backlinks are links from other websites back to your website.  They are essentially Internet testimonials that “vouch” for the content on your website. Backlinks are the #1 reason sites get ranked in the SERPS (search engine result pages).  Your backlinks should be from “authority” sites in similar markets.

Not long ago, we were very concerned with the total number of backlinks indexed for a particular website.  Today, due to Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, we are much more focused on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity. Backlink source, structure and trustworthiness are all important factors. Most importantly, backlinks should be natural – other websites in similar markets who have made a conscious decision to place a link to your site onto their site.

Is social networking really necessary for my industry?

Yes! To be successful today with any web-based or web-enhanced business, it’s essential to build your social network. Very recently, we have seen a blurring of the line that used to separate organic search and social networking. Today, your organic search results are directly impacted by your social networking platform (or lack thereof).

Where are you located?

Our offices are located in Westlake Village, California. On the border between Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks – Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.